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Bienvenido, padre Murray

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Year: 1964

Director: Ramón Torrado

Country: Spain

Alternate titles

L'ange noir du Mississippi (France) | Lynchage a Golden City (France) | Black Angel of the Mississippi (U.S.A.) | Vento infuocato del Texas (Italy) | Welcome Padre Murray

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Tomás Blanco, Ángel del Pozo, Rosa del Río, René Muñoz (Padre Murray), Paul Piaget, Charo del Río, Fernando Sancho (Ray Torres), Jesús Tordesillas, Howard Vernon, Jesus Tordesillas, Miguel del Castillo, Carmen Esbri, Jose Prado, Josefina Serratos, Tito Garcia, Fernando Hillbeck, Santiago Rivero, Xan Das Bolas, Beni Deus, Teresa Dresel, Carlos Foretio, Antonio Molino Rojo, Jose Villasante, Willie P. Ellie, Juan Cazalillo, Juan Torrado Lores, Antonio Padilla, Marghirita Lozano, Jesus Puente, Emilio Rodriguez, Nicolas Tauro, J. Rojas, Miguel de la Riva, Arturo Gonzalez

  • Story: Federico De Urrutia, Manuel Sebares
  • Screenplay: Federico De Urrutia, Manuel Sebares (as M. Cesare)
  • Cinematography: Ricardo Torres [Eastmancolor, Superscope 2,00:1]
  • Producer: Arturo Gonzalez


Golden City is a small town south of the United States where gangmen make the law. The sheriff has just been shot and Jerome, a black cowboy is missing. The town officials are unable to establish order, and having no minister, they ask the neighbouring bishop to send them one, only to discover he is a black minister. It is now a general hostility that he will have to face.

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