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December 2010

November 2010

  • Nov 29 - A new article has been added to the Special: FISTFUL - The Whole Story ; in it you can read all about the origins and the history of Sergio Leone's first western.
  • We have temporarily suspended the account creation functionality until we have fixed our spam problem. If you would like to have an account for the SWDB to become an editor, please email us!
  • Nov 24 - Great news! has launched! Click here to check it out. We will be slowly adding our product links to DVD pages. As always, using these links from the SWDB will actively support this website, as we earn commission on these referrals. Mille Grazie!
  • Nov 18 - Germanflag.jpg Nach langem Warten gibt es nun endlich wieder eine neue Box von Koch Media, die wir genauer unter die Lupe genommen haben: Teutonen Western Collection - DVD Review
  • Nov 16 - From the nerdy mind that brought you the SWDB, a new movie blog that is mad as hell... Furious Cinema! Check it out! It's western week!
  • Nov 12 - Read everything you always wanted to know about No Name, but were afraid to ask, in our Special With no Name! (Note: the link works, even though it says the page doesn't exist!)
  • Nov 10 - Bluntwolf reviewed two of the latest Wild East-Releases: The Hunt Powers Double Feature and the Kill or be killed / Kill the wicked - DVD.
  • Nov 6 - Germanflag.jpg Neu in der Datenbank: Ein Schnittvergleich zu Tote werfen keine Schatten zwischen der DVD von Wild East und der Videokassette von VMP.
  • Nov 4 - Germanflag.jpg Eine deutsche Rezension von Der Mann aus El Paso ist nun online.
  • Nov 3 - Still heralding the SPECIAL, we announce the arrival of a man with a name, but without a horse, no other than: Django !
  • Nov 2 - Thanks to Ron Schneider, who provided us with some great On set-pics from The Silent Stranger. Check out his blog at!

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January 2010

  • Jan 30 - Consider a donation to the SWDB and its sister projects, click here. Thank you for your support!
  • Jan 29 - BluRay News - Django has been announced on BluRay Disc by... Blue Underground! Read more about the BluRay here.
  • Jan 19 - DVD News - More titles being released in Argentina, click here.
  • Jan 16 - News - THE MERCENARY DVD release, that you can currently win as part of our month-long special, has been delayed by a few days. This will not impact the deadline of our giveaway. English subtitles for the bonus features are confirmed, as well as the digipak packaging.
  • Jan 12 - More fuel for the upcoming Hill & Spencer Focus: a review of the pre-Trinity Ace High
  • Jan 09 - Spanishflag.jpg Reseñal - Tenemos una Reseña de Salario Para Matar!
  • Jan 08 - Review - An obscure Osvaldo Civirani offering. Read a review of A Golden Sheriff.
  • Jan 07 - DVD - Mercenario - Der Gefuerchetete (aka Il Mercenario, The Mercenary, A Professional Gun) will be released by Koch Media (Germany) on January 29. The SWDB has already launched a huge special celebrating the release, and is offering a chance to win the DVD.
  • Jan 05 - Germanflag.jpg Deutsch - Prominenz bei der SWDB. Lars Johansen persönlich mit einer Mercenario Rezension. Hier lesen
  • Jan 03 - Special - Happy New Year 2010 everyone! We are starting the year with a bang and we'll celebrate Koch Media's upcoming release of A PROFESSIONAL GUN on DVD with reviews, clips and giveaways. Check our DVD Release Special and stay tuned for more details on how to win the DVD!

December 2009

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June 2009

  • (June 26) - Review - Phil H gives his take on Antonio Margheriti's gothic revenge western. Check out his Vengeance review
  • (June 22) - Review - Another review of the dark and bleak Black Jack, this time by Durango/Silence.
  • (June 20) - Review - Those Dirty Dogs gets a less than positive review from Phil H. Feel free to agree or disagree here
  • (June 13) - Article - 3 different films. Some Good. Some Bad. The Colizzi Trilogy
  • (June 11) - Review - The oddest and most cartoonish of all spaghetti westerns has been reviewed by Scherpschutter: Starblack Review
  • (June 8) - DVD Review - A short Mini DVD review of Django the Bastard by Durango/Silence added.
  • (June 4) - Review - Last Western made by Corbucci now online. The White, the Yellow, and the Black Review
  • (June 3) - Review - A review of I Want Him Dead by Phil H is now available.

May 2009

  • (May 29) - Review - Available now, Scherpschutter's vision on the obscure May God forgive you... I won't
  • (May 24) - DEUTSCH - Vorab-Kritik zu Koch Medias lange erwarteter DVD-Veroeffentlichung von NAVAJO JOE! In den Läden ab dem 29. Mai! Rezension lesen.
  • (May 23) - Review - As promised, a new review of a later Corbucci Western: What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution Review
  • (May 21) - A lot of focus on Giovanni Fago's O' Cangaceiro : a review accompanied by notes on the Brazilian Cangaço movies and the historic Cangaceiros
  • (May 14) - Review - New review of Sergio Corbucci's flawed but cool Bonnie and Clyde Spaghetti. Sonny and Jed Review. Reviews of Corbucci's What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution and The White, the Yellow, and the Black, Soon to follow.
  • (May 12) - Review - Scherpschutter has reviewed The Price of Power. And if you're all good boys & girls, Mr. Ambrose Bierce will read you a story.
  • (May 10) - Article - LankyFellow & Scherpschutter have written an article on a cinema with a great history: Cinemas of your Hometown - Universum, Kaiserslautern. You'll also learn why the 4th of July is a special day to Germans too.
  • (May 6) - DVD news - Koch Media has officially announced the forthcoming Navajo Joe DVD release in a press release. The movie will be released in all its Koch Media goodness on May 29, click here for a DVD overview.
  • (May 3) - Book Review - Phil H reviews Alex Cox's newly released book 10,000 Ways To Die. A chronological study of the Spaghetti Western through the professional and personal eyes of a film maker.
  • (May 2) - Review - Scherpschutter's review on Alive or preferably Dead a comedy with Giuliano Gemma and boxing champ Nino Benvenuti is now available
  • (May 1) - DVD Review - Lordradish has a review of Dorado Films' release of the Bruno Corbucci comedy, The Three Musketeers of the West DVD Review (Dorado Films), which comes out on May 19th.

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May 2008

  • (May 26): DEUTSCH. Saustarke Bildqualität, nachzulesen im Die Letzte Rechnung Zahlst Du Selbst DVD Review, frisch getippt ist halb gekauft!
  • (May 22): Read our Navajo Joe DVD review, if you care for our opinion on MGM's new DVD release of the long-awaited cult film.
  • (May 21): Work has started on an Global MGM DVD catalog to give you an overview of all releases by MGM worldwide.
  • (May 17): Have a fistful of dollars to spare? If you like this website, you can donate a few bucks our way now, we have set up a Donate page (Du liebst diese Website? Eine Handvoll Euros spenden waere die beste Sache der Welt. Tausend dank. Klicke hier!) THANK YOU!
  • (May 15): We have updated our Koch Media DVD catalog with covers and details of the next 3 summer releases.
  • (May 14): Our last of a series of Wild East DVD reviews is a 3 Bullets for Ringo DVD review, enjoy reading and please please send us your feedback and post your comments in the forum. Also don't be afraid to send in or post your own reviews. We publish EVERYTHING. Promise.
  • (May 13): Navajo Joe has been released on DVD today in the United States. This highly anticipated release features a remasted widescreen transfer and clean English audio. Make sure to order it using our links to show your support, and please post your comments and reviews. Click here to read more.
  • (May 8): Alamo Drafthouse 2008 Rolling Roadshow screens Leone trilogy in Almeria. The event is free and open-air, get a chance to see these movies at their original location. Quentin Tarantino will attend and introduce a film, too. Click here for more info (and click here to discuss in our forums with others to team up for example)
  • (May 7): DEUTSCH! Wir schliessen unsere Review Serie der Koch Italowestern Reihe ab mit einem Django - Die Geier stehen Schlange DVD Review
  • (May 6): The Spaghetti Western Database is now offering DVD links to for all available Japanese DVDs of the 2007 releases and also some of the Old Japanese releases
  • (May 6): Read how extras on a DVD can steal the show! A fresh Kill Them All and Come Back Alone DVD review (Wild East release)
  • (May 4): FOCUS FILM MAY 2008: Trinity is still my name. What we need: upgrade and update the dvd subpage (as it is on the Texas Adios page), add pictures (and upgrade the picture page), add opinions, add dvd reviews and full page movie reviews, add soundtrack information, maybe add some more links plus: are there links to the forum and related topics? All in all we need to refresh and update the movie page. Good luck, fellow deputies and cowboys.
  • (May 4): DEUTSCH! Ein echte Rarität lag uns auf VHS vor und so kam es zum Abrechnung in Veracruz Review. An english translation is coming soon!
  • (May 1): Issue 71 of the Westerns... All'Italiana! Fanzine is online! Check it out, download it and enjoy.

April 2008

March 2008

February 2008

  • (Feb 24): The Spaghetti Western Database is now hosting the Westerns... All'Italiana! fanzine. We are still working out a few kinks but you can check it out and download the three latest issues as PDF files.
  • (Feb 23): Three Bullets for Ringo available from Wild East.
  • (Feb 20): Navajo Joe US DVD available for Pre-order at for under $10!
  • (Feb 20): A set of new official web banners is available in our Links section for you to use in forum signatures or on your website. Thanks for linking to us!

January 2008


December 2007

  • (Dec 30): DEUTSCH. Neue DVD Kritik verfuegbar von Zwei Wilde Companeros.
  • (Dec 27): We have updated three DVD catalogs: our Koch Media DVD catalog with 3 new releases that you can buy this coming April, and two new catalogs: KSM (Germany) and Blue Underground (US)
  • (Dec 19): Official christmas shopping guide is here! See what we recommend to put under the christmas tree!
  • (Dec 1): December Focus Film: Arizona si scatenò... e li fece fuori tutti (Arizona Colt Returns/1970). Arizona and his sidekick Double Whiskey battle it out with the bandit Chico in this Spaghetti Western from Sergio Martino. Also stars Rosalba Neri, José Manuel Martín & Luis Barboo. Recently released in Germany on DVD by Koch Media and also in South-Africa by Global Video. We already offer basic cast info, a few pictures and ome DVD info but we need Synopsis/Story texts, Opinions, reviews, more pictures and links. Next month's focus film: Make a suggestion in the forum!

November 2007

October 2007

September 2007

no news archived.

August 2007

  • (Aug 20): Read our exclusive review of Bruckner's revised Spaghetti Western encyclopedia. Lesen Sie hier auch die deutsche Version der Buchkritik.
  • Focus Film: Hate Thy Neighbor (Odia il prossimo tuo). Ferdinando Baldi's firm western starring George Eastman, Horst Frank and Nicoletta Machiavelli. Recently released on dvd by Wild East. What do we offer already?: Basic cast info, synopsis, some pictures What more do we need?: Opinions and (DVD) reviews, Pictures, Links, etc.
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