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Blu gang vissero per sempre felici e ammazzati

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Blu gang vissero per sempre felici e ammazzati (Italy, France 1973 / Director: Luigi Bazzoni [as Marc Meyer])

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 10.5.1973

Also known as

Blue Gang (Italy) | Blu gang - Et ils vécurent longtemps, heureux et... tues (France) | Blu gang: Y vivieron para sempre felicesy muertos (Spain) | Hermanos azules, titre devente (Spain) | El clan de la muerte (Spain) | Bluen jengissa (Finland) | Brothers Blue (U.S.A.) | The Short and Happy Life of Brothers Blue (U.S.A.) | A Vingança dos Irmãos Blue (Portugal) | Bluen jengi (Finland) | I epidromi tis agrias symmorias (Greece) | A Few Happy Days of the Brothers Blue

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Palance (Hillman), Guido Mannari (Kane Blue), Tina Aumont (Polly), Antonio Falsi (Johnny Blue), Maurizio Bonuglia (Frank), Clara Mutschaewski (Jenny), Paul Jabara (Teddy Fog), Guido Lollobrigida [as Lee Burton](sheriff), Maria Michi (Mama Blue), Carla Wittig [as Clara Russell](Alice), Antonio Gradoli (Donovan, banker), Manuel Angiolino Manfredi, Giancarlo Terzaroli, Monique Arambourg (Monique), Gennarino Pappagalli (man in bank)
  • Story: Augusto Caminito
  • Screenplay: Augusto Caminito, Mario Fenelli
  • Cinematography: Vittorio Storaro [Eastmancolor - Panavision]
  • Music: Tony Renis
  • Song: "Go Man" sung by Marva Jan Marrow
  • Producer: Franco Rossellini


The Brothers Blue are a gang of bank robbers. They rob their way through the west while being shadowed by a sunglassed, sniper rifle toting hitman.


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