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[[Category:Ferdinando Baldi]][[Category:Nico Ducci]][[Category:Mino Roli]][[Category:Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera]]
[[Category:Ferdinando Baldi]][[Category:Nico Ducci]][[Category:Mino Roli]][[Category:Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera]]
[[Category:Paul L. Smith]][[Category:Antonio Cantafora]]
[[Category:Paul L. Smith]][[Category:Antonio Cantafora]][[Category:Franco Fantasia]]
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[[Category:Horst Frank]][[Category:Ignazio Spalla]][[Category:Guglielmo Spoletini]]
[[Category:Luciano Catenacci]][[Category:Pietro Ceccarelli]][[Category:Nello Pazzafini]]
[[Category:Luciano Catenacci]][[Category:Pietro Ceccarelli]][[Category:Nello Pazzafini]]

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Carambola (Italy 1974 / Director: Ferdinando Baldi)

  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 13.9.1974

Also known as

Carambola! (English) | Vier Fäuste schlagen wieder zu (Germany) | Carambola! - Slår alltid först (Sweden) | Caramba-veljekset (Finland) | Mon nom est Trinita (Belgium) | Si ce n'est toi... c'est donc ton frere (France) | Nos llaman Carambola (Spain) | Karambol (Turkey) | Karambol (Czech Republic) | Strange Adventures of Coby and Ben

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Paul L. Smith [as Paul Smith](Clem/Ben/Butch/Len Rothman), Antonio Cantafora [as Michael Coby](Coby/Toby/Trinity), Horst Frank (Glideson), Guglielmo Spoletini [as William Bogart](Kelly), Pino Ferrara (sheriff), Luciano Catenacci (Captain Howard Jackson), Franco Fantasia (Professor Max Lager), Ignazio Spalla [as Pedro Sanchez](Mexican revolutionary), Melissa Chimenti (Pamela), Giovanni [Nello] Pazzafini (Glideson henchman), Gianlorenzo Bernini, Pietro Ceccarelli (Roger, tug o' war player), Luigi Antonio Guerra (billiards player), Carla Mancini (cantina waitress), Mike Morris, Fred Robsahm (Ranger lieutenant), Claudio Ruffini (tug o' war player), Gaetano Russo, Pietro Torrisi (prison guard), Glauco Onorato
  • Story: Nico Ducci, Mino Roli
  • Screenplay: Ferdinando Baldi, Nico Ducci, Mino Roli
  • Cinematography: Aiace Parolin (Eastmancolor - CinemaScope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera
  • Songs: "You Can Fly", "Milk Serenade" sung by Dream Bags
  • Producer: Manolo Bolognini


Coby is an ex-soldier and billiard champion. He and his friend Len accept the sum of 50,000 dollars to investigate the trafficking of arms across the Mexican border, but the pair come across a new revolutionary revolver. Followed by Carambola, filotto... tutti in buca.


This film embodies all the qualities that I hate in a Spaghetti Western comedy. And I actually enjoy most of these comedies! But the film here is mostly a compilation of unimaginably tedious fight scenes that are all scored to a grossly overplayed bubble gum musical score all involving a fat man wih dark hair and a grumpy attitude. Sound familiar? All too much. Trinity was pretty new with these ideas but here, they're so overdone, it self parodies its self parody!

by Korano


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