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Cavalca e uccidi (Italy, Spain 1964 / Director: José Louis Boreau (as J.L. Boraw), Mario Caiano (co-director))

RideAndKill Poster2.jpg
  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Release Date: 30.4.1964

Also known as

Brandy (Spain) | Brandy, el sheriff de Lasatumba (Spain) | Ride and Kill (U.K.) | Gesetz der Bravados (Germany) | Et pour un whisky de plus (France) | Chaevuche et tue (France) | Oi dolofonoi tou Texas (Greece) | Town Without Law

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Alex Nicol (Brandy), Claudio Undari (as Robert Hundar)(Roy Moody), Renzo Palmer (as Lawrence Palmer)(Pastor Andrews/Steve Donnelly), Giuseppe Addobbati (as John MacDouglas)(Judge Stauffer), Luis Induni (as Albert Lockwood)(Tunnell), Antonio Casas (Sheriff Clymer), George Rigaud (as Jorge Rigaud)(Beau Pritchard), Natalia Silva (Alice Garrido), Manuel Ayuso (Major), Paola Barbara (as Pauline Baards)(Mrs. Stauffer), Maite Blasco (Eva), Frank Braña (driver), José Canalejas (Chirlo), Vicente Cárdenas, Wilfredo Casado (saloon waiter), Alfonso de la Vega (cowboy), Rafael Bejarano (cowboy), Jorge del Moral, Pedro Fenollar, Antonio Gradoli (as Anthony Gradwell)(Underhill), Rafael Hernández (secretary), Mark Johnsson (Chico), Juan Lizárraga (neighbor), Victor Bayo (neighbor), Miguel del Castillo (neighbor), Pedro Orengo, Giovanni Petrucci (as Giovanni Petti)(Lewitt), Héctor Quiroga (Murray), Alfonso Rojas (Hamlin), Elena Santonja (Mrs. Murray), José Villasante (rancher), Antonio Zamora, Maria Ranera (as Margaret Grayson)(Eva)

  • Story: “El sheriff de Lostatunba” by José Mallorquí
  • Screenplay: José Luis Borau (as Joe Baker)
  • Cinematography: Manuel Merino, Mario Sbrenna (as Henry Stewart) [Eastmancolor, Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Producer: Rafael Merina, Alberto Grimaldi


This intriguing spaghetti western was co-directed by Jose Luis Borau and Mario Caiano. The story concerns a group of corrupt Tombstone officials who extort protection money from the town's citizens. When the sheriff attempts to interfere, they hire a hitman named Moody (Robert Hundar) to murder him then install a puppet sheriff in his place. Unfortunately for the villains, they choose the town drunk, Brandy (Alex Nicol), who sobers up enough to take the job seriously. With the aid of an ex-bandit (Antonio Casas) and the people of Tombstone, Sheriff Brandy takes down not only Moody, but the thuggish town bosses as well. Margaret Grayson, Jorge Rigaud, and Giuseppe Addobbati co-star, and prolific composer Riz Ortolani provided the soundtrack.


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