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* [ Review at Fistful of Pasta]  
* [ Review at Fistful of Pasta]  
* [ Review by 800 SW (Spain)]
* [ Review by 800 SW (Spain)]
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[[Category:1972]][[Category:Italy]][[Category:Spain]][[Category:Juan Bosch]]

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La caza del oro (Spain, Italy 1972 / Director: Juan Bosch)

LaCazaDelOro ItalianPoster1.jpg
  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 19.8.1972

Also known as

Lo credevano uno stinco di santo (Italy) | They Believed He Was No Saint (U.S.A.) | Too Much Gold for One Gringo | Zwei ausgekochte Halunken | Demasiado Ora Para Gringo (Spain) | Gulljakten (Norway) | Ena liontari pou to legane Gringo (Greece) | Ton fonazan Ouranokatevato (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Antonio De Teffè (as Anthony Steffen)(Trash), Daniel Martín (Jose), Tania Alvarado (Maria), Fernando Sancho (Firmin Rojas), Manuel Guitián (Dean Carver), Gustavo Re (Preacher), Esteban Dalmases (lawman), Gaspar 'Indio' González (as Indio Gonzalez), Ricardo Moyán, Juan Miguel Solano, Antonio Ponciano, Luis Induni, Ángel Lombarte, Juan Torres, Ivan Patino, Irene D'Astrea, Jarque Zurbano (sheriff), Carmen Roger, Raf Baldassarre, Juan Patiño, Juan Antonio Rubio
  • Story: Sergio Donati
  • Screenplay: Juan Bosch, Fabio Piccioni
  • Cinematography: Julio Pérez de Rozas [Eastmancolor, Panoramico]
  • Music: Marcello Giombini


Carver is an old bandit who finally gets out of prison after his last robbery. His cell companion escapes from jail and with Trash, a gunman, saves him from the robbers, who want Carver's booty. Carver agrees to divide his gold with them but dies before telling them where it is hidden.


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