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  • Hugel Der Blutigen Stiefel PAL 2 German Starlight Film - Despite reading mixed reviews I was eager to see this film and while "Boot Hill" would never be considered a Spaghetti Western classic, I really enjoyed it. Rather than employing the usual comedy style of the "Trinity" films, Terrence Hill portrays his character very seriously, as does Woody Strode. Even Bud Spencer's performance is unusually subdued, in fact most of the films slapstick is supplied by the circus acts themselves. The funniest moment in the film for me was hearing Bud Spencer introduce his friend, a man who looks both taller and stronger than himself, as "Baby Doll". The music score is a curious mix of Jazz, Circus and traditional US Western tunes, very unusual for a Spaghetti Western. The best way to enjoy this film is to watch the "Integrale Fassung" on the second disc of this three disc set. It's basically the International version (on disc one) with scenes extended by material sourced from "Zwei Hau'n Auf Den Putz" and the 8mm film version (both on disc three without English audio). This extra material, at times noticeably poor in quality, is placed throughout the film but seems to concentrate on extending the scenes where Hill first gets wounded and the final shootout (which includes a short extra rooftop jumping scene). The films picture is quite dark in places but because of it being presented in its correct widescreen format 2.35:1/16:9, the trouble taken by Starlight Film putting it together and the first two discs having the option of English audio (even though this is not stated on the back cover) I'd recommend this DVD to all fans of Terrence Hill.--The Halitosis Kid 15:33, 26 December 2006 (CET)
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