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Colorado Charlie

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Colorado Charlie (Italy 1965 / Director: Roberto Mauri (as Robert Johnson))

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 2.10.1965

Also known as

Charlie - Die Bestie von Colorado (Germany, planned) | Un meticcio chiamato Cimitero (Italy, early '70s re-release) | Colorado Charly (Greece) | Mia kremala gia ton Charly (Greece) | La loi de l'ouest (France) | Dernier duel (France) | Colorado Charlie (Czechoslovakia)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jacques Berthier [as Jack Berthier] (Sheriff "Wild Bill" Danders), Brunella Bovo [as Barbara Hudson] (Nora Danders), Andrea Aureli [as Andrew Ray] (judge), Luigi Ciavarro [as Louis Chavarro] (Pete, Colorado henchman), Alfredo Rizzo [as Alfred Rice] (Sam, drunk), Erika Blanc [as Erika Withe] (saloon singer), Alberto Cevenini [as Anthony Ross] (Dick, wounded bandit), Mimmo Poli [as Johnny Lerman] (Jack, Springfield barman), Attilio Severini [as Big Matthew] (Colorado henchman), Ferdinando Angelini [as Fernand Angels] (George), Giuseppe Addobbati [as John McDouglas] (Sheriff Hogan, Little River), Ugo Sasso [as Hugo Arden] (Tom, Nora's father), Gladys Richener (Mary / Donna), Charlie Andersen, Giorgio Cerioni [as George Cerioni] (Jimmy, Springfield sheriff), Luigi Batzella [as Paul Solvay] (Pedro / Pablo), Gerlando Martelli [as Roland Wilde] (Timmy, Nora's son), Livio Lorenzon [as Charlie Lawrence] (Colorado Charlie)
  • Also with: Anna Lina Alberti (stage passenger), Emilio Zago (pianist), Maurizio Tocchi (Colorado henchman), Nino Stresa
  • Story: Nino Stresa
  • Screenplay: Nino Stresa
  • Cinematography: Edmondo Affronti [Eastmancolor - widescreen 2,35:1]
  • Music: Gioacchino Angelo
  • Song: "Cita a las tres" sung by Michelangelo Mignano
  • Producer: Francesco Paolo Prestano


Square-jawed Frenchman Jacques Berthier is a heroic lawman looking to retire, and Livio Lorenzon (as Charlie Lawrence) provides the sadistic eponymous bandit whose depradations force Berthier into strapping on his gun once again.

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