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Studios, home video labels, bootleggers, big names in publishing, distributors, major production houses. Here is an alphabetical list of names.

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  • 88 Films


  • Artus
  • Arrow Video (Home Video Label)
  • Alberto Grimaldi
  • Afilm
  • Anchor Bay (Home Video Label)
  • Argent Films (Home Video Label)
  • Alberto Grimaldi, Italian producer and movie mogul
  • Astro Distribution GmbH: former home video label (Germany); related: Laserparadise; DigiDreams; Marketing Film; Starlight Film; United Video)
  • Anolis, German home video label


  • Blue Underground (Home Video Label)
  • Bridge Pictures
  • Best Entertainment. Former German home video label (rumored gray market); related: Carol Media
  • Buoi Omega: German film club that sometimes produces limited edition home video releases, too, e.g. with Anolis
  • Black Hill Pictures. German home video label; see also CinePlus; MC One
  • Bertucci Film Entertainment. German home video company, see also: X-Rated


  • CG Entertainment / CG Home Video, distribution arm of Cecchi Gori
  • Cecchi Gori, name of famed Italian film production dynasty (e.g. Vittorio Cecchi Gori)
  • CMV, German niche home video label
  • Capelight, German home video label
  • Constantin Film, German movie studio and distributor
  • Centauro Films. Madrid, Spain based production company
  • CCC (Central Cinema Company) is a production company founded by Artur Brauner in 1946
  • Corona Films (Munich), production company (for example Grande Duello, Il)
  • Carol Media. German home video label; formerly Best Entertainment
  • CinePlus / VCL. Former German home video production company
  • Cineworld DVD Entertainment: see also X-Rated


  • Digidreams, home video label by Oliver Krekel (former: Astro, Marketing Film)
  • Dolphin Medien (company started by former KSM owner)
  • Dorado Films (US-based label)
  • Divisa, home video label (Spain)
  • Dutch Film Works (Home Video Label)
  • Discobolo Films, Italian (Rome) production company, e.g. The Ugly Ones


  • Evidis, French home video label
  • El Dorado Productions (Mike Siegel's company)
  • Explosive Media, Germany/Switzerland/Austria label founded by Ulrich Bruckner, see Explosive Media catalog
  • e-m-s. Former German home video label. E-M-S DVD Katalog. Now: 3L.
  • Epoca, home video label (Argentina)
  • Embassy Pictures (e.g. The Hellbenders)
  • Eureka Entertainment, UK home video company, see Eureka Entertainment catalog
  • edel Distribution GmbH. German home video label, see also: Black Hill Pictures.
  • EuroVideo, German home video label that is part of Bavaria Film


  • FAB Press Publishing
  • Fox / 20th Century Fox
  • "Franco Cleef", is the nickname of a gray market distributor and creator of fan cuts/dubs
  • Filmjuwelen / Fernsehjuwelen, German home video label mostly publishing films and tv shows from TV licensing package deals
  • Filmexport Group. Italian company founded in 1974, is the rights holder to several spaghetti westerns, including Bianco Apache and Companeros


  • Gaumont
  • ...


  • Hollywood Classics International is a UK based sales agency for home video rights of major studies and independend catalogs of film titles.
  • ...


  • Indicator (Home Video Label)
  • IB Taurus Publishing
  • Inked Pictures, German home video brand used, related to, e.g. Mediacs
  • International Germania Film, 1960-1968, e.g. Clint el solitario


  • Jack Vaughan Productions, producction company (1968-1992), who released Django in the USA in 1972 for the first time
  • Jolly Film (production company, e.g. A Fistful of Dollars)


  • Kamera Books
  • Koch Films (formerly Koch Media Films), now Plaion Pictures
  • Kino Lorber Studio Classics (classics label by Kino Lorber, once known as Fox Lorber, and also formerly Koch Lorber)
  • KSM, later newKSM (bought by Koch Films), its former founder owns Dolphin Medien
  • Kinowelt (now: Leonine)


  • Laservision
  • Laser Paradise: former German home video label by Oliver Buresch
  • Leonine, is a new corporation which has evolved into a major European distributor


  • "Mike Hunter" brand of a German VHS distributor, video store owner, famous for bringing many niche and international movies to the German home video market in the 80s.
  • Mike Siegel, German documentarian and film historian, Peckinpah expert
  • Marketing Film, former German home video label, see also Laser Paradise / Astro / Starlight
  • Malhombra Films, new UK based boutique label
  • McFarland & Co Publishing
  • Mill Creek (Home Video Label)
  • Millennium Storm, label (Italy, no longer in operation)
  • Minerva, Italian company and rights holder
  • Movietime, Italian company and rights holder
  • Mediacs, German home video brand/label
  • Mount Street Films (Rome), production company (for example Grande Duello, Il)
  • MAWA: Former German home video label.
  • MGM: Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Former major studio, now trade mark. Owns, e.g. United Artists, another former studio.



  • Ocean Pictures
  • Odeon Entertainment (Home Video Label)


  • Pidax, German label specializing mostly in TV catalog licenses
  • Paramount Pictures, major Hollywood studio and distributor (examples: Ace High; Once Upon a Time in the West)
  • PEA (Produzioni Europee Associati) Films. Rome, Italy based production company
  • Plaion Pictures (formerly Koch Films)
  • ....


  • ...


  • Regalfilm, production company (e.g. Uccidi o muori)
  • Ripleys Home Video (Home Video Label)


  • Sidonis Calysta, France
  • Splendid
  • StudioCanal
  • Suevia, label (Spain)
  • Silwa Filmvertrieb (connections: Sedna Medien; X-Rated; VZ Handelsgesellschaft)
  • Sedna Medien (connections: X-Rated; VZ Handelsgesellschaft; Silwa Filmvertrieb)
  • Societé Nouvelle de Cinematographie (Paris), production company (for example Grande Duello, Il)
  • Soul Media (SMD Entertainment A/S) is a Danish home video company
  • Spirit Media. German home video label, see also Black Hill Pictures.
  • Starlight Film (, former Astro/Marketing. Coop with United Video.
  • Sunfilm. Used to be a distributor for Savoy
  • Savoy Film. German home video label


  • TLE Films: company specializing in digital restorations and mastering
  • Tulio Demicheli P.C., this was Tulio Demicheli's production company
  • Tecisa, Spanish (Madrid) production company, e.g. The Ugly Ones
  • Technicolor
  • Techniscope
  • Terra Films (Berlin), production company (for example Grande Duello, Il)
  • ...


  • Ulrich P. Bruckner, owner of: Explosive Media
  • United Artists, movie studio eventually bought by MGM
  • Unexpected. Media company, used to do for example menu design for Koch Media


  • VCI International
  • VZ Handelsgesellschaft (Connections: X-Rated; Sedna Medien; Silwa Filmvertrieb)
  • VPS Film Entertainment. Former German home video label.
  • VCL. Then CinePlus. Former German home video label.


  • WVG
  • Wild East Productions (out of business)
  • Warner Home Video / Warner Brothers, etc., American major label


  • X-Rated, German home video label operated by filmmaker Andreas Bethmann (formerly also under GABU GmbH; other connections/distributors: VZ Handelsgesellschaft; Sedna Medien; Silwa Filmvertrieb). Related keywords: Neues Kontrastprogramm, CCI, Simpel Movie.


  • ....


  • ....
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