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El Condor (USA 1970 / Director: John Guillermin)

  • Runtime: 102 min
  • Release Date: 19.6.1970 (USA), 9 September 1971 (Germany)
  • This is a US western shot in Spain

Also known as

The Condor | Jagten på Mexicos guld (Denmark) | O Tesouro de El Condor (Portugal) | エル・コンドル (Japan)


They'll break through the fortress walls... or die trying! | The biggest, most violent adventure ever to explode you out of your seat! | Where the two dirtiest fighters alive blast a fortress of gold apart!


  • Cast: Jim Brown (Luke), Lee Van Cleef (Jaroo), Marianna Hill (Claudine), Patrick O'Neal (General Chavez), Iron Eyes Cody (Santana, Apache Chief), Imogen Hassall (Dolores), Elisha Cook Jr. [as Elisha Cook](old convict), Gustavo Rojo (Colonel Aguinaldo), Florencio Amarilla (Aguila), Julio Peña (General Hernández), Ángel del Pozo [as Angel Del Pozo](Lieutenant), Patricio Santiago (Julio), John Clark (Prison Guard Captain), Raúl Mendoza Castro (Indian), Rafael Albaicí­n (officer), George Ross (guard), Ricardo Palacios (chief bandit), Charles Stalmaker [as Charles Stalnaker](hatless bandit), Charly Bravo [as Carlos Bravo](bandit), Dan van Husen [as Dan Van Husen](bandit), Peter Lenahan (convict), Art Larkin convict), Per Barclay (blond convict)
  • Also with: Simón Arriaga (greedy soldier)
  • Story: Steven W. Carabatsos
  • Screenplay: Larry Cohen, Steven W. Carabatsos
  • Cinematography: Henri Persin [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Maurice Jarre
  • Producer: Andre DeToth

The Film

Brown, an escaped convict, and Van Cleef, an alcoholic fortune seeker, are after the gold supposedly buried in the Mexican fortress of El Condor. Van Cleef once lived with the Apaches and claims they still follow him wherever he goes. Brown reckons the Apaches are the army he needs to attack the fortress, defended by the Mexican federal army.

Filmed in Almeria, this ersatz spaghetti western was produced by the great Andre De Toth and stars Lee van Cleef in a part more appropriate to Eli Wallach. El Condor is noisy and violent, with several scenes offering female nudity that is far more valuable than all the gold of the fortress. – Scherpschutter

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