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'''German Links:'''
'''German Links:'''
* Allgemeine Infos: [http://www.ofdb.de/film/739,Vier-F%C3%A4uste-f%C3%BCr-ein-Halleluja OFDb]
* [http://www.ofdb.de/film/739,Vier-F%C3%A4uste-f%C3%BCr-ein-Halleluja Allgemeine Infos @OFDb]
* Reviews: [http://film-maniax.wetpaint.com/page/Vier+F%C3%A4uste+f%C3%BCr+ein+Halleluja?t=anon film-maniax.wetpaint.com] | [http://www.handlemedown.de/index.php?option=com_simple_review&Itemid=36&review=14379-Vier-F-uste-f-r-ein-Halleluja-I---1972 handlemedown.de] | [http://www.linteum.at/italo/trinity2.html linteum.at]
* [http://film-maniax.wetpaint.com/page/Vier+F%C3%A4uste+f%C3%BCr+ein+Halleluja?t=anon Review @Film-Maniax]
* Schnittberichte: [http://www.schnittberichte.com/schnittbericht.php?ID=59 FSK 12 VHS vs. RTL-Ausstrahlung] | [http://www.terrorverlag.de/filme/schnittberichte/halleluja/index.htm DF TV (PW) vs. DF Video (CIC Taurus) vs. DF DVD (EMS)] | [http://www.schnittberichte.com/schnittbericht.php?ID=1335 FSK 12 DVD vs. FSK 16 Kinofassung]
* [http://www.handlemedown.de/index.php?option=com_simple_review&Itemid=36&review=14379-Vier-F-uste-f-r-ein-Halleluja-I---1972 Review @handlemedown.de]
* DVD Infos: [http://www.wicked-vision.com/tabelle_reviews.php?ID=794 DVD Review auf wicked-vision.com] | [http://www.wicked-vision.com/tabelle_vergleich.php?ID=400 DVD Bildvergleich auf wicked-vision.com]
* [http://www.linteum.at/italo/trinity2.html Review @linteum.at]
* [http://www.schnittberichte.com/schnittbericht.php?ID=59 Schnittbericht (FSK 12 VHS vs. RTL-Ausstrahlung)]
* [http://www.terrorverlag.de/filme/schnittberichte/halleluja/index.htm Schnittbericht (DF TV (PW) vs. DF Video (CIC Taurus) vs. DF DVD (EMS))]
* [http://www.schnittberichte.com/schnittbericht.php?ID=1335 Schnittbericht (FSK 12 DVD vs. FSK 16 Kinofassung)]
* [http://www.wicked-vision.com/tabelle_reviews.php?ID=794 DVD Review @wicked-vision.com]
* [http://www.wicked-vision.com/tabelle_vergleich.php?ID=400 DVD @wicked-vision.com]
'''Italian Links:'''
'''Italian Links:'''

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Continuavano a chiamarlo Trinita (Italy 1971 / Director: Enzo Barboni (aka E.B. Clucher))

  • Runtime: 127 min
  • Release Date: 21.10.1971

Also known as

English titles Trinity is still my Name | All the Way Trinity | Germany Vier Fäuste für ein Halleluja | Der Kleine und der müde Joe | Sweden Trinity klipper till igen | France ...On continue a l'appeler Trinita | Spain Le seguian llamando Trinidad | Finland Trinity Ratsastaa Jalleen | Portugal Continuaram a chamar-me Trinita | Hungary Az ördög jobb és bal keze

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Terence Hill (Trinity), Bud Spencer (Bambino), Yanti Somer (pioneer girl), Enzo Tarascio (Sheriff Mitch), Harry Carey Jr. (Pa), Pupo De Luca (older monk), Jessica Dublin (Ma), Dana Ghia (wandering farmer's wife), Emilio Delle Piane (James Parker), Enzo Fiermonte (wandering farmer)
  • Screenplay: Enzo Barboni
  • Cinematography: Aldo Giordani (Technocrome, Cromoscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis
  • Producer: Italo Zingarelli


Trinity and Bambino repeatedly help out a poor family of protestant settlers (they wanted to rob in the first place), and eventually defend a monastery against a group of gun runners from both sides of the border.

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