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The Spaghetti Western Database is a community effort. It works a bit like the Wikipedia, which means almost anyone can just edit and improve it. If you would like to join us working on the SWDB, please contact us and we'll give you an account.

Easiest ways to contribute

  • Send us an email with a correction, point out missing information, send us pictures, links to articles, etc.
  • Join the forums, become an active part in the community

Intermediate ways to contribute

  • Become an editor of the SWDb and gain the ability to make Wikipedia-like changes to the website yourself. It's simple and you can't break anything, get in touch with us.
  • Submit writing: movie reviews, articles, interviews - we publish it all (we can only pay in honor, friendship and reputation). We usually do it for you at first, but once we have gotten to know each other, we just let you freely publish on the SWDb.

Other forms to contribute:

You can spread the word.

You can donate.

You can sponsor us or - if you are a home video label - supply us with review copies of new releases.

You can Link to us, if you have a website.

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