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* [ Review by 800 SW (Spain)]
* [ Review by 800 SW (Spain)]
* [ Review at mondo esoterica]
* [ Review at mondo esoterica]
* [ Review by Por um punhado de euros (Portuguese)]
[[Category:1968]][[Category:Italy]][[Category:Sergio Sollima]][[Category:Thomas Milian]]
[[Category:1968]][[Category:Italy]][[Category:Sergio Sollima]][[Category:Thomas Milian]]

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Corri, Uomo, Corri (Italy 1968 / Director: Sergio Sollima)

  • Runtime: 121 min
  • Release Date: 29.8.68

Also known as

Run Man, Run (U.S.A.) | Big Gundown 2 | Lauf um dein Leben (Germany) | Ratsasta henkesi edestä (Finland) | Corre Cuchillo, Corre (Spain) | Un uomo e un coltello (Italy) | Saludos, hombre (France) | Flygt mand - flygt (Denmark) | Knivkasteren (Denmark) | Cuando un valiente corre (Spain) | Corre, homen corre (Portugal) | Mannen Med Kastknivarna (Sweden) | Prohora, katharma, prohora (Greece) | Kos, adam, kos (Turkey)


  • Cast: Thomas Milian (Sanchez 'Cuchillo' Detto), Donal O'Brien (Daniel Cassidy), Linda Veras (Penny Bannington), Marco Guglielmo (Michel), José Torres (Ramirez), Chelo Alonso (Dolores), John Ireland (Santillana), Luciano Rossi (as Edward G. Ross)(Jean-Paul), Nello Pazzafini (Reza), Calisto Calisti (Fernando Lopez), Attilio Dottesio (Manuel Etchevarria), Gianni Rizzo (Mayor Christopher Bennett), Dante Maggio (as Dan May)(Mateos), Freddy Unger (Sheriff Arthur), Federico Boido (as Rick Boyd)(Steve Wilkens), Orso Maria Guerini (Raoul), Pietro Tordi (Mexican sergeant), Noe Murayama (Pablo), Osiride Peverello (blacksmith), Ricardo Palacios (Mexican officer), José (José Marco), Umberto Di Grazia, Angelo Susani

  • Story: Sergio Sollima
  • Screenplay: Sergio Sollima, Pompeo De Angelis
  • Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori [Eastmancolor, Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Producers: Alvaro Mancori, Anna Maria Chretien


Thomas Milian reprises his role as Cuchillo from La Resa dei conti. He is entrusted with the location of a sizable portion of gold by a revolutionary leader, and so sets off to Texas to find it. Donald O'Brian is good as the former revolutionary who also wants the gold and follows Milian. The Gold also attracts a lot of interest from a variety of other villainous quarters and what seems like half of Mexico rapidly descends on the Texas town where it is located. Unsurprisingly, gunfights ensue.


In his third western, Sergio Sollima was less ambitious in his choice of themes as in its predecessors, but at the same time more choosy in the way he told his story. So Run Man Run is for many the least of Sollima's SW but for some the most stylish of them. The film is set on the verge of the revolution but only touches the usual Zapata western themes in favour of an adventurous story about a gold hunt, in which Sollima's "intellectual" stamp is only visible in the side plots. An underrated classic of the genre.

by Stanton


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