Cuerda al amanecer, Una

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Una cuerda al amanecer (Spain, Italy 1972 / Director: Manuel Esteba)

  • Runtime: 76 min
  • Release Date: 4.3.1972

Also known as

Sei una carogna... e t'ammazzo! (Italy) | Les charognards meurent a l'aube (France) | The Federal Man (U.S.A.) | You Are a Traitor and I Will Kill You! (U.S.A.) | A Cry of Death (U.S.A.) | You Are Carrion and I Will Kill You | O Mais Rápido Dos Pistoleiros (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Pierre Brice (Barrett / Campanita / "Little Bell"), Steven Tedd (Calder), Fernando Sancho (Sebastian), Mónica Randall (Nancy), Marta Flores (Maria Morris), Antonio Molino Rojo (Jonathon, Barrett henchman), Raúl Aparici (preacher), Gaspar 'Indio' González (Morris), Sergio Aparici, Manuel Muñiz (White, storekeeper), Alberto Vila, Ferruccio Viotti (Captain), Juan Fairen [as Johnny Farren](Johnny), Miguel Muniesa (sheriff), David Rocha (young Barrett), José Nieto
  • Story: Manuel Esteba
  • Screenplay: Manuel Esteba
  • Cinematography: Girolamo La Rosa [Eastmancolor, Panorámico]
  • Music: Daniele Patucchi
  • Producer: Elio Pannaccio, Isidro Estaba


A mysterious bounty hunter goes after a town boss who is murdering homesteaders for their land.


There are two different versions of this film. The Italian version was re-edited by the producers and is quite different from the original Spanish version. The English version, The Federal Man, is the Italian cut. Check the forum (contains spoilers) for more info.


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