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Degueyo (Italy 1965 / Director: Giuseppe Vari)

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 4.2.66

Also known as

Deguejo (France) | Für Dollars ins Jenseits (Germany) | Deguello (U.S.A.) | Deguejo - Ta katharmata tou aimatos (Greece) | Deguello (Spain) | De Guello (undefined English title) | 荒野のみな殺し Koya no Minagoroshi (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giacomo Rossi Stuart [as Jack Stuart] (Norman Sandel), Dan Vadis (Ramon), Dana Ghia [as Ghia Arlen] (Jenny Slader), Rosy Zichel (Rosy), José Torres (Logan), Daniele Vargas [as Dan Vargas] (Frank Donnell/Thomas), Aurora Battista [as Aura Batis] (Danger City woman), Erika Blanc [as Arika Blank] (Danger City woman), Mila Stanic (Ann, Danger City woman), Giuseppe Addobbati [as John McDouglas] (Colonel Cook/Clark), Loris Loddi (boy), Eve Neill, Teresa Terrone [as Susan Terry] (Danger City woman), Mirella Pompili [as Mary Pomphili] (Nadine, Danger City woman), Silvana Jachino [as Dasy Joakim, Vana Jarkj on posters] (Ann's mother), Riccardo Garrone [as Dick Regan] (Foran)
  • Also with: Riccardo Pizzuti (Tom, Ramon's prisoner), Lucio Rosato (Pedro, Ramon lieutenant), Rocco Lerro (Jack, Ramon henchman), Giulio Maculani (poker player, sentry), Gino Marturano (bandit, poker player), Alba Maiolini (woman frightened by Ramon), Pupita Lea Scuderoni (Mary Carson), Enrico Chiappafreddo (poker player), Giuseppe Mattei
  • Story: Sergio Garrone [as Willy Regan]
  • Screenplay: Roberto Amoroso [as Ram], Sergio Garrone [as Willy Regan], Giuseppe Vari [as Joseph Warren]
  • Cinematography: Silvano Ippoliti [as Stephen Sunter] [Eastmancolor - widescreen 1,66:1]
  • Music: Alessandro Derevitsky
  • Producer: Sergio Garrone [as Willy Regan]


Ramon and his bandit gang launch an attack on Danger City, searching for rumoured hidden treasure and unable to find the loot either kill or take as hostage all the men, leaving only the women and children to produce the treasure or face 'Deguello' - an attack with no quarter. Four men arrive in town searching for a former Confederate States Army colonel and agree to help protect the town from the bandits.


A good example for an ok western which would have benefited from a bigger budget, a few more days of shooting, and a bit more thinking about the basically good story. Our hero (Rossi-Stuart) is pretty bland while Dan Vadis is very effective as villain. I think Giuseppe Vari would have done better with the screenplay if he had shot it 2 or 3 years later. Apart from director Vari it marked also the SW debut of Sergio Garrone, who maybe was in the personal union of producer and co-screenplay writer one of the creative forces behind this film.

by Stanton


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