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Diamante Lobo

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Diamante Lobo (Israel, Italy 1976 / Director: Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer))

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 19.10.1976 (license from the Board of Film Censorship)
  • Filming Locations: Israel

Also known as

God's Gun (U.S.A.) | A Bullet From God (U.S.A.) | Pistola di Dio (Italy) | Ekdach Haelohim (Israel) | Der Colt Gottes (Germany) | Dodens Haevner (Sweden) | Clayton-Banden (Norway) | Villi joukko (Finland) | Allahim Silahi (Turkey) | Seis balas... una venganza... una oracion (Spain) | El dia de la venganza (Spain) | Les impitoyables (France) | Arma Divina (Brazil) | De genadelozen (Belgium) | Boží zbraň (Czech Republic)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Lee Van Cleef (Father John/Lewis/'Diamante Lobo'), Jack Palance (Sam Clayton), Richard Boone (Sheriff), Sybil Danning (Jenny), Leif Garrett (Johnny), Rafi Ben Ami (Mortimer), Heinz Bernard (Judge Barrett), Chin Chin (Willy), Ricardo David (Angel George), Didi Lukov (Rip), Zila Carni (Juanita Lewis), Robert Lipton (Jess Clayton), Cody Palance (Zeke Clayton), Ian Sanders (Red Clayton), Pnina Golan (Chesty), Carolyn Stellar (Woman On Horse)(uncredited))
  • Story: John Foncesa based on a novel by Sergio Colasanti
  • Screenplay: Gianfranco Parolini (as Frank Kramer)
  • Cinematography: Sandro Mancori [Telecolor 1,78:1]
  • Music: Sante Maria Romitelli
  • Producer: Irwin Yablans, Menahem Golan


Father John (Van Cleef) is killed by Clayton's (Palance) gang, and his protege little Johnny (Garrett) goes down to Mexico to retrieve Lewis, aka Diamante Lobo, his brother, to come north and settle the score. As it turns out, of course, the matter becomes a little more complicated and turns highly violent as the little town struggles against Clayton's gang.


One of two 1976 Italian-Israeli co-productions starring Lee Van Cleef and Leif Garrett (Joseph Manduke's Kid Vengeance was the other), this spaghetti Western stars Van Cleef in a dual role as twin brothers. One of the brothers, Father John, is gunned down by the ruthless Sam Clayton (Jack Palance), allowing Sam's gang to take over Juno City. Young Johnny (Garrett) crosses into Mexico to convince the priest's twin, a retired bounty hunter named Lewis, to strap on his guns one more time and save the town. Van Cleef is compelling, even in his somewhat laughable wig, and the familiar cast also includes Richard Boone and Sybil Danning, but it somehow misses the mark. Irwin Yablans, who made his name with Halloween two years later, co-produced with Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus.

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