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An astonishingly bad film and a disappointment for all involved. Apart from the opening scene there isn't much to remind one of Parolini's earlier westerns. -- Stanton

Dumb, tasteless, occasionally dull and profoundly bizarre, but it has its moments, thanks to Parolini's weirdly metatextual obsession with the western in general, and his genuine (if peculiarly expressed) regard for Lee Van Cleef. -- Derringdo

I think this is highly underrated. The movie has a nice story, nice images and a good soundtrack. What it suffers from is the terrible american print that is circulating and that has this mostly very bad dubbing. I bet if there will one day be available a widescreen, uncut print with the original soundtrack remastered and good subtitles, this movie will end up in people's top 20 lists. --Sebastian 23:14, 16 July 2006 (CEST)

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