Dio li crea... Io li ammazzo!

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Dio li crea... io li ammazzo! (Italy 1968 / Director: Paolo Bianchini)

Also known as

God Made Them... I Kill Them (USA) | Dios me perdone, su vida es mía (Spain, TV title) | Bleigericht (Germany) | Bleichgesicht (East Germany) | O theos plathei... ego skotono (Greece) | L'angelo, la Colt e il diavolo (Italy, working title) | Dieu les crée, moi je les tue (France) | Den laglösa staden (Sweden) | Deus os Cria Euos Mato (Brazil) | Sua Vida Me Pertence (Brazil) | 嵐を呼ぶ男スリム Arashi wo yobu otoko Slim (DVD title, Japan) | God Forgives... His Life Is Mine
God Made Them... I Kill Them movie poster


Dean Reed stars as an infamous gun for hire, who is called upon by the residents of a small town on the Mexican border to stop a series of gold robberies by marauding outlaws.


  • Cast (Italian): Dean Reed (Slim Corbett/Compton), Pietro Martellanz [as Peter Martell] (Rod Douglas / Don Luis del la Vega), Agnès Spaak (Doris), Piero Lulli (Sheriff Lancaster), Linda Veras (Suzanne), Ivano Staccioli (Judge Kincaid), Fidel Gonzáles (Job), Rossella Bergamonti (Dolly), Bruno Arié (Dark), Giuseppe Alizeri (Stearnson, bank vice president), Piero Mazzinghi (Mayor Toland), Appio Cartei (Cobb, bank director), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratuglia] (Douglas henchman)
  • Uncredited actors: Giulio Mauroni (deputy), Franco Ukmar (greeting committee), Clemente Ukmar (greeting committee), Giovanni Ukmar (greeting committee), Giancarlo Ukmar (greeting committee)
  • Director: Paolo Bianchini [as Paolo Bianchi]
  • Story: Fernando di Leo
  • Screenplay: Fernando di Leo
  • Cinematography: Sergio D'Offizi [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Marcello Gigante
  • Song: "God Creates Them, I Kill Them" sung by Dean Reed
  • Producer: Gabriel Crisanti



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 92 min

Release Dates

  • April 29, 1968 (Italy)

Filming locations

  • Villa Mussolini - Rome, Italy

Production and business

  • Filming Dates: December 1967 - January 1968

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