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Dio perdona... Io no!

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Dio perdona... Io no! (Italy, Spain 1967 / Director: Giuseppe Colizzi)

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  • Runtime: 113 min
  • Release Date: 31.10.67

Also known as

God Forgives, I Don't (U.S.A.) | Blood River (U.K.) | Django Forgives, I Don't | Zwei vom Affen gebissen (Germany)(Comedy dub) | Gott vergibt, Django nie! (Germany) | Gott vergibt, wir beide nie! (Germany) | Kill or be Killed | Bastard... Vamos a matar! | Dios perdona, yo no (Spain) | Tu perdonas... yo no (Spain) | Gud förlater men inte jag! (Sweden) | Luoja armahtaa minä en (Finland) | Manden de kaldte Englefjaes (Denmark) | Rid aldrig ensam (Sweden) | Deus perdoa... eu não (Portugal) | Bóg wybacza - ja nigdy (Poland) | Trinita ne pardonne pas! (France)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Terence Hill (Doc Will/Wild Doc/Cat Stevens/Pretty Face/Django), Bud Spencer (Earp Hargitay/Hutch Bessy/Dan Bus), Frank Wolff (Bill San Antonio), Gina Rovere (Rose/Rosa), José Manuel Martín (Bud), Luis Barboo (San Antonio henchman), Joaquín Blanco, Tito Garcia (Tam Tam), Frank Braña (Lou), Antonietta Fiorito, Francisco Sanz (as Paco Sanz)(bar fly), Franco Gulà  (grandpa), José Canalejas (Ferderico), Remo Capitani (bartender), Antonio Decembrino, Juan Olaguivel (Dargo), Giovanna Lenzi, Roberto Alessandri (poker player), Bruno Arie (poker player), Giancarlo Bastianoni (poker player), Rufino Inglés (Miguel/José), Arturo Fuento, José Terrón ('Flatface')
  • Story: Giuseppe Colizzi
  • Screenplay: Giuseppe Colizzi, Gumersindo Mollo
  • Cinematography: Alfio Contini [Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Rustichelli (as Oliver Angel Pina)
  • Producer: Enzio D'Ambrosio


A gunman and an insurance detective join forces to find loot hidden by the brutal Bill San Antonio, who they believe is dead, but who actually had only faked his death to rob a train.


Guiseppe Collizi's tough and sinister looking western teams up, for the first time, Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, and its immediate great success in Italy helped form one of the most popular duos in (European) film history. -- Stanton

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