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Django 2: il grande ritorno

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Django 2: il grande ritorno (Italy 1987 / Director: Nello Rossati (as Ted Archer))

  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 22.10.1987 (Germany), 3.12.1987 (Italy)

Also known as

Django Strikes Again (U.S.A.) | Django 2 (U.S.A.) | Django Rides Again | Django's Rückkehr (Germany) | Ritorno di Django (Italy) | Il grande ritorno di Django (Italy) | El retorno del heroe (Spain) | El regresso de un hero (Spain) | El retorno de Django (Argentina) | Django - A Volta do Vingador (Brazil) | Cango'nun Dönüsü (Turkey) | Django 2: Le grand retour de Django (France) | Fruktad rebell (Sweden) | Django - teloittajan paluu (Finland) | Django Ataca de Novo (Portugal) | Django visszatér (Hungary) | Django znovu útočí (Czech Republic) | Django se vrací (Czech Republic)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Franco Nero (Django), Donald Pleasance (Gunn), William Berger (old gunfighter), Christopher Connelly (Orlowsky/'El Diablo'), Miguel Carreno (as Micky)(boy), Consuelo Reina (Marisol), Liciani Lentini (as Licia Lee Lyon)(Rosita), Alessandro DiChio, Bill Moore, Roberto Posse, Rodrigo Obregon
  • Story: Franco Reggiani, Nello Rossati
  • Screenplay: Franco Reggiani, Nello Rossati
  • Cinematography: Sandro Mancori [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Gianfranco Plenizio
  • Producer: Spartaco Pizzi


Django was a successful and highly influential "spaghetti western," spawning over 30 pseudo-sequels that borrowed the name and the main character's bloodthirsty ways, but Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno (aka Django Strikes Again) was the first follow-up to feature Franco Nero reprising the title role from the original film, and the only one made with the participation of the director of Django, Sergio Corbucci (though only in an advisory capacity.) In this story, Django (Franco Nero) has spent a decade in a monastery, trying to live down his violent past as a gunman. However, Django is forced to renounce his vows when word gets back to him that a villainous slave trader, Orlowsky (Christopher Connelly), has kidnapped his daughter. Enraged and determined to bring the abductors to justice, Django digs up his old Gatling gun (literally - he had buried it in a graveyard, under a headstone with the name "Django" on it) and once again begins cutting a swath through the countryside as he seeks to free his daughter. Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno also starred Donald Pleasence, William Berger and Robert Posse; some prints are missing a five minute prologue sequence.


No coincidence, that this film (the only really official Django sequel) came out after the two Rambo films. Django Strikes Again is quite a lousy action film, that is neither a real spaghetti western, nor a real Rambo movie. Worth watching only just so you can say "you've seen it". --Sebastian 12:39, 30 Jul 2005 (CEST)


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