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* [http://www.filmboob.nl/filmrecensies/1426/Duello-nel-Texas-Gunfight-at-Red-Sands.html Movie Review (Dutch)]
* [http://www.filmboob.nl/filmrecensies/1426/Duello-nel-Texas-Gunfight-at-Red-Sands.html Movie Review (Dutch)]
* [http://mondo-esoterica.net/Duello%20nel%20Texas.html Mondo-Esoterica review]
* [http://mondo-esoterica.net/Duello%20nel%20Texas.html Mondo-Esoterica review]
* [http://www.rarovhs.com.ar/2011/08/gringo-1963-western-espanol-italiano.html Argentinian VHS @ RaroVHS]

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Duello nel Texas (Spain, Italy 1963 / Director: Ricardo Blasco)

1426 Duello Nel Texas.jpg
  • Runtime: 94 min
  • Release Date: 19.9.1963

Also known as

Gringo (Spain) | Gringo (U.K.) | Gunfight at Red Sands (U.S.A.) | Duel au Texas (France) | Duello nelle sabbie rosso (France) | Drei gegen Sacramento (Germany) | Taistelu punaisella hietkolla (Finland) | Duellen i Rad Sands (Sweden) | Duell i Texas (Sweden)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Ricardo 'Gringo' Martinez), Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (as G.R. Stuart)(Sheriff Lance Corbett), Mikaela (Maria Huertas), Sara Lezana (Elisa/Lisa Martinez), Daniel Martín (as Dan Martin)(Manuel Martinez), Rodolfo de Campo (as Sam Field) (doctor), Bernabe Barta Barri (as Barta Barry)(Lou Stedman), Aldo Sambrell (as Ald Sambrell)(Juan Guardo), Agustàn González (as Augustin Gonzalez)(Zeke 'Giggles' Wilson), Bruna Simionato (as Barbara Simon)(Rosa Cardena), Angel Solano (as Mike Solano)(deputy), Gonzalo Esquiroz (Kincaid Wilson), Tito Garcia (Sanchez), José Calvo (Francisco), Alfonso Rojas (Don Esteban), Xan Das Bolas (barber), José Luis Chinchilla (deputy), Rafael Vaquero (Bancroft), Nathan D'Eagle, Telly Thomas
  • Story: James Prindle (as J. Prindle)
  • Screenplay: Albert Band (as Alfredo Antonini), Ricardo Blasco
  • Cinematography: Massimo Dallamano (as Jack Dalmas) [Technicolor - Panoramico 1,66:1)
  • Music: Ennio Morricone (as: Dan Savio)
  • Song: "A Gringo Like Me" sung by Peter Tevis
  • Producers: Albert Band (as Alfredo Antonini), Jóse G. Maesso

The Film

Richard Harrison stars as Gringo, a returning combatant from the Mexican civil war who arrives home to find his adoptive father murdered and the family gold stolen by three masked men. His search for revenge leads him into conflict with an assortment of local townsfolk including the sheriff and his ex girlfriend, Maria, and ultimately ends with a classic showdown on main street.


This early spaghetti shows clear indications as to where the fledgling genre was heading and features the first (but very traditional) western music score from Ennio Morricone. The Italian co-production company was the same which later produced FoD and it featured with photographer Dallamano another key figure of the Leone film. Have a close look how the final duel is shot and edited. Otherwise it's a mostly simple film, but possibly the best of the European pre-Fistful westerns.

by Stanton


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