Duelo a muerte

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EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Year: 1981

Director: Rafael Romero Marchent

Country: Spain

Alternate titles

Venganza del lobo negro, La (Spain) | Revenge of the Black Wolf

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Fernando Allende (Carlos Aceves/'El Lobo Negro'/'The Black Wolf'), Carlos Ballesteros (Captain Sullivan), Esperanza Roy (Carmen), Lola Forner (Isabel Aceves), Bernabe Barta Barri (as Barta Barry)(Geronimo), Frank Braña (Teodoro), Alfonso del Real (Marques), María Silva (Marquesa), Julián Ugarte (Ramirez), Carmen Roldán (Rosa), Tomás Zori (Pedro), Fernando Sancho (Corporal Donovan), Alejandro de Enciso (Lieutenant), Arturo Alegro, Christian Bach (Margaret), José María Caffarel (Don Diego), Eduardo Calvo (doctor), Alvaro de Luna (Captain), Fancisco Jone, José Canalejas (Alcalde), ‘Dum Dum’ Pacheco (Private Spencer), Francisco Camoiras (José), Luis Gaspar (Ernesto), Arturo Alegro, Paul Benson, Luis Lorenzo, José Luis Lesp, José Yepes, José Riesgo, Alfredo Calles, Francisco Martin (as Blaky)

  • Story: Joaquin Romero Marchent, Rafael Romero Hernandez
  • Screenplay:Joaquin Romero Marchent, Rafael Romero Hernandez
  • Cinematography: Jorge Herrero [color]
  • Music: Carlos Agulló, E. Guerin, Carlos Villa
  • Producer: Luis Mendez, Francisco Bellot, Enrique Bellot


A Mexican colonel holds a grudge against the Black Wolf for injuring his hand in a previous sword duel. He forces heavy taxes on the citizens of Monterrey and confiscates the land of those who can’t pay forcing the Black Wolf to intervene.


Sequel to Lobo negro, El

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