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* [[/DVD|Available DVDs]]
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*'''Runtime:''' 92 min
*'''Runtime:''' 92 min

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Ah sí? E io lo dico a Zzzorro! (Italy, Spain 1975 / Director: Franco Lo Cascio)

  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Release Date: 3.7.1975

Also known as

Ah sí? E io lo dico a Zzzorro! (Italy - complete title) | Mark of Zorro (U.S.A.) | Who's Afraid of Zorro (U.S.A.) | Nuevas aventuras de El Zorro (Spain) | Nuevas aventuras del Zorro (Spain) | Zorro ratsastaa (Finland) | Jävla dumbon (Finland) | Ah si, pues se lo dire al Zorro (Italy) | They Call Him Zorro... Is He? (Philippines) | Zorro enantion Zorro (Greece) | Jävla dumbon (Sweden) | Znak Zorro (Poland) | Eh? Who's Afraid of Zorro

Cast and crew

  • Cast: George Hilton (Philip 'Felipe' Mackintoch / Don Pablo Maria Fernando Alba de Mendoza), Lionel Stander (Padre Donato), Charo López (Rosita Florenda), Rodolfo Licari [as Rod Licari](French governor), Antonio Pica (Major de Colignac), Gino Pagnani (Paquito, drunk), Tito Garcí­a (Captain of guards), Flora Carosello (Sra Florenda), Biel Moll, Giulio Baraghini (Sergeant of guards), Dante Cleri (town councilman), Rinaldo Zamperla (Count Manuel la Pas), Franco Virgilio Daddi (real Zorro ?), Maria Tedeschi (Zorro caretaker), Mario Proietti, Ettore Arena (taller governor's bodyguard), Bruno Bertocci (Marcel Abou, bridegroom), Giuseppe Tallarici, Filippo Perego (town councilman), Wilma Palmieri, Amerigo Castrighella [as Amerigo Castrichella](hangman), Bruno Alias (wedding guest), Lina Franchi (Constanza, waitress), Nando Sarlo (town councilman), Pietro Torrisi (citizen carrying Zorro), Franca Scagnetti (pub cook), Lydia Zanussi (church attendee), Osiride Pevarello (soldier), Renzo Pevarello (soldier), Arnaldo dell'Acqua (French soldier)
  • Story: Augusto Finocchi
  • Screenplay: Augusto Finocchi, Francisco Lara
  • Cinematography: Franco Villa, Juan Gelpi [Eastmancolor, Panorámico]
  • Music: Gianfranco Plenizio
  • Producer: Otello Finocchi


When Zorro falls ill, the local priest is desperate to find somebody to take his place and defend the local populace against the cruel French governor. However, the man he chooses turns out to be a disastrous swordsman, at least he is until he consumes a glass or two of wine. Once under the influence of alcohol, the poor substitute is transformed into a brilliant duelist who is more than a match for the evil French governor.


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