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Eroi di Fort Worth, Gli

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Gli eroi di Fort Worth (Italy, Spain 1964 / Director: Alberto de Martino [as Herbert Martin])

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 17.12.1964

Also known as

El séptimo de caballerí­a (Spain) | Assault on Fort Texan (U.S.A.) | Charge of the Seventh Cavalry (U.S.A.) | Heroes of Fort Worth (U.S.A.) | Vergeltung am Wichita-Paß (Germany) | A l'assault du Fort Texan (France) | Apache, ta tsakalia tis Dyseos (Greece) | Epelasis tis 7 is taxiarhias (Greece) | Aanval op Fort Texan (Netherlands)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Edmund Purdom (Major "Sugar" Patterson), Paul Piaget (Major Sam Shane / Sam Allison), Eduardo Fajardo (Colonel George Bonnett), Mónica Randall [as Aurora Julia](Amanda), Priscilla Steele (Nelly Bonnett), Isarco Ravaioli (Lieutenent Webb), Rafael Albaicin (Chief Wild Horse), Tomás Blanco (Confederate General), Umberto Raho (Colonel Maxfield), Jose Marco (General Quantrill), Victor Bayo (Confederate officer), Rogelio Madrid, Adolfo Arlés, Emilio Rodrí­guez (wagonmaster), Francesco Sormano [as Francesco Sorna], Francisco Vilches, Gonzalo Esquiroz (Confederate officer), Antonio Cuenca, Román Ariznavarreta, Antonio Orenga, Edmundo Espinosa, Ángel Alonso, Leonidas Guerra, Tulio Altamura (saloon owner), German Longo (lawman), Ricardo Lilló, Luis Barboo, Miguel del Castillo
  • Story: Eduardo M. Brochero, Emo Bistolfi (as Silver Bem)
  • Screenplay: Alberto De Martino [as Herbert Martin], Eduardo Manzanos Brochero
  • Cinematography: Eloy Mella [Eastmancolor, Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Rustichelli (Italian version), Manuel Parada (Spanish version)
  • Producers: Emo Bistolfi (as Silver Bem), Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Arturo Marcos


During the Civil War, a group of Southern soldiers form an alliance with the Apache Indians for the purpose of killing the Northern soldiers stationed at Fort Worth and thereby allowing the Confederates to escape into Mexico to form an alliance with Maximillian.


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