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'''Franco e Ciccio sul sentiero di guerra''' (Italy 1969 / Director: Giovanni Grimaldi (as Aldo Grimaldi))
'''Franco e Ciccio sul sentiero di guerra''' (Italy 1969 / Director: Aldo Grimaldi)
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* [[/DVD|Available DVDs]]
* [[/DVD|Available DVDs]
* [[/OST|Soundtrack]]
* [[/OST|Soundtrack]]

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Franco e Ciccio sul sentiero di guerra (Italy 1969 / Director: Aldo Grimaldi)



  • [[Franco e Ciccio sul sentiero di guerra/DVD|Available DVDs]
  • Soundtrack
  • Runtime: 100 min
  • Release Date: 20.11.1969

Also known as

Paths of War (U.S.A.) | Franco & Ciccio on the War Path | Zwei Trottel als Revolverhelden (Germany) | Franco – Ciccio, oi dyo polemarhoi (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Franco Franchi (Franco), Ciccio Ingrassia (Ciccio), Renato Baldini (Jeff), Adler Gray (Lucy Foster), Joseph P. Persaud (as Joseph Persaud)(Indian chief), Turam Quibo (Wowoka), Stelvio Rosi (Martin), Gianni Solaro (Colonel Foster), Lino Banfi (Mormon), Renato Malavasi (Scotsman), Wolf Fischer, Alfredo Rizzo (Sergeant Douglas), Luigi Bonos (barman), Fulvio Mingozzi (sheriff), Salvatore Campochiaro (as Turi Campochiaro), Silvano Spada, Veronica Mary Wells, Pietro Torrisi (uncredited)(Indian)
  • Story: Bruno Corbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi
  • Screenplay: Giovanni Grimaldi
  • Cinematography: Fausto Zuccoli [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Roberto Pregadio
  • Producer: Sergio Bonotti


Two Sicilian royalist soldiers flee the island in a trunk at the arrival of Garibaldi's republican troops. They end up in the Far West with the army fighting the Indians and with their ineptitude they contribute to the army's defeat.


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