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== External Links ==
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Fuera de la ley (Spain 1964 / Director: León Klimovsky)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 9.7.1964

Alternate titles

Furia de la ley (Italy) | Alle frontiere del Texas (Italy) | Billy the Kid | L'uomo dell'O.K. Corrall (Italy) | Billy le Kid (France)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: George Martin (Billy Carter), Jack Taylor (Black Jack), Juny Brunell, Tomás Blanco, Alberto Dalbés (Captain Harkell), Luis Induni (Pryce), Esther Grant, Tota Alba, Simón Arriaga, José Canalejas, Margot Cottens, Claudio Denis, Gaspar 'Indio' González, Henri Macedo, Enrique Núñez, Lorenzo Robledo, Aldo Sambrell (sheriff), José Luis Zalde
  • Screenplay: Ángel del Castillo, S. G. Monner, Bob Sirens
  • Cinematography: John Pitcher (Manuel Sanjuán) [Technicolor, Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Daniel White (as Daniel J. White)
  • Producers: Marius LeSoeur, Esther Cruz


Tom Carter, his wife and his son Billy, live quietly on the family farm until a dispute arises between him and his rich neighbour John Price who organizes a punitive expedition against Carter. Billy is sent to Littleton by his father and when he returns he finds the house burnt down, his father killed and his mother injured. The cautious sheriff prefers to conclude to an accident despite Billy's insistance. So Billy decides to take the law into his own hands...


Some sources say this Spanish pre-FoD western is a version of the Billy the Kid legend. At least some of the alternative titles seem to confirm this.

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