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Gatling Gun DVD mini review

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This is a mini-review of Dorado Films' Gatling Gun DVD release


Gatling Gun (Original title: Quel caldo maledetto giorno di fuoco) is one of those cases where the reputation clearly preceeded its long-awaited DVD release. It was on Quentin Tarantino's list of favorites, it stars John Ireland, and its alternative title Machinegun Killers clearly all added to high expectations. Luckily, the movie delivers. Its plot might be a bit confusing, or over-ambitious, but the bottom line is, that Gatling Gun is a very entertaining adventure. The story of Mr Gatling, the inventor of the machine gun, Pinkerton agents, Confederate spies and local bandits. Gatling was supposed to sell the gun to the Union, but there was a set up, and Gatling kidnapped, the location of the gun unknown. Until the mystery is solved, it seems that there is more than a handfull of people involved in this deal gone wrong. Can secret agent Tanner (Woods) located both Gatling and his gun, and save them from the Confederates, local stakeholders and the bandits? The movie is not action-driven, or even atmosphere-driven, as many of the better ones of the genre, it is very story-centric, it derives its magic from the script, which is of high quality. The movie manages to fascinate the viewer and its very decent production value adds to the overal quality of the movie. They did a great job on the visuals and music, too, and overall it remains a must-see movie that will not disappoint.

Dorado Films has done an excellent job bringing this sought-after classic to DVD. The print it clear and the sound is very good. The movie is uncut and restored, and the disc offers the Italian audio as well. A clear recommendation!

This DVD was provided by Dorado Films

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