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This is an under construction (please contribute) overview of all German Spaghetti Western DVDs.

Sorted by quality releases, so the best labels are on top, and the worse ones towards the bottom. Inside the label sections, the films are not sorted. Please note that we are working on specific detailed guides for the individual labels. You'll find them linked if we have those pages available. Please also note that there might be multiple versions available, re-releases and so on. Once you click on a title, you'll end up at the respective Database article, where only the best available versions are linked to (Amazon for example).


Koch Media

We have a separate Koch Media DVD overview.


The re-launched company is mostly re-releasing some Koch Media titles, we are working on a catalog here: CinePlus DVD catalog



We have a comprehensive catalog of worldwide MGM releases at our Global MGM DVD catalog


We have a comprehensive catalog with all titles here: E-M-S DVD Katalog


We have a separate DVD overview page. Click here to view our DVD catalog of Kinowelt releases

X-Rated (NK) / Gabu / Simpel Movie

We have a separate DVD overview page. Click here to view our DVD catalog of X-Rated releases

Anolis / Buoi Omega

NEW (New Entertainment World)

We have a comprehensive catalog here: New Entertainment World DVD Katalog

Marketing Film / Starlight


Click here to view our KSM DVD catalog overview page

MAWA / Collosseum


Laser Paradise




Medien Vertriebs GmbH

Screen Power




Best Entertainment

Eyecatcher Movies



AVU/Movie Power

MegaMax Movies

Black Hill Pictures

Unofficial / Bootleg

PLEASE NOTE that this page is under construction! No guarantee for all that information. Very Special thanks to the guys from (<--Click the link) who assembled most of the Information, their compilation was my Backup when I wasn't sure. --Sebastian 23:08, 28 January 2006 (CET)

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