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German DVDs with English audio or subtitles

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This shopping guide is a list of German DVDs of Spaghetti Westerns that offer either English subtitles or an English audio option. Be aware that German DVDs are in most cases (unless noted otherwise) Regioncode 2 (and PAL).

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Anolis / Buoi Omega

Best Ent. / Carol Media / KSM


StudioCanal (formerly known as Kinowelt)

  • Chino (Wilde Pferde): English audio
  • Keoma: English audio
  • Red Sun (Rivalen Unter Roter Sonne): English audio

Koch Media | The Rainbow Collection

Marketing Film


New Entertainment World (NEW)

  • A Hole In The Forehead (Ein Loch in der Stirn): English subtitles
  • Bandidos (Bandidos - Ihr Gesetz ist Mord und Gewalt): English audio
  • California ((California) - Der Mann aus Virginia}: English audio
  • Wanted (Wanted - Für drei Lumpige Dollar): English audio
  • W Django! (Ein Fressen für Django): English audio


Starlight Film

  • Boot Hill (Hugel Der Blutigen Stiefel) 3 disc set: English audio (on 2 main discs)
  • Boot Hill (Zwei haun auf den Putz (Comedy Version)) single disc edition: English audio
  • Compañeros (Lasst Uns Toten, Companeros) 2 disc set: English audio (on main disc)

X-Rated Kult Video / Simpel Movie

Universum Film

Note that these are different from the Karl May Editions I-III released by KinoWelt

Note that I personally own the DVDs below and can confirm the information is correct. The DVD box inlay states that there are English subtitles, but this is incorrect. All are 2.35:1 anamorphic - IndioBlack

  • Karl May Box Volume 2 - Winnetou trifft Old Surehand
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