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Giù le mani... Carogna! (Django Story) (Italy 1971 / Director: Demofilo Fidani (as Lucky Dickinson))

SuLeManiCarogna DatabasePage.jpg
  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 21.8.1971

Also known as

Down with Your Hands... You Scum! (U.S.A.) | Reach You Bastard (U.S.A.) | Western Story | The Django Story (U.S.A.) | Halleluja pfeift das Lied vom Sterben (Germany) | Halleluja, der todliche Schatten (Germany) | Kefalia gia poulima (Greece) | Haeveneren Django (Sweden) | La balada de Django (Argentina) | The Ballad of Django (U.S.A.) | Django Story (Italy) | Haut les mains, salaud! (France) | Blutspur des schwarzen rachers (The Netherlands) | La balada de Django (Spain)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Betts (as Hunt Powers) (Django/Halleluia), Gordon Mitchell (Buck/Butch Bradley), Dino Strano (as Dean Stratford)(Dean/Bobby O'Neil/El Zorro), Benito Pacifico (as Dennis Colt)(Paco & Manuel Martinez), Luciano Conti (as Lucky McMurray)(Paco Sanchez), Jerry Ross (Wild Bill Hickock), Celso Faria (Pedro Hernandez), Enzo Pulcrano (as Paul Crain), Pietro Torrisi (gambler), Giancarlo Prete (as Philip Garner), Simone Blondell
  • Story: Demofilio Fidani (as Lucky Dickinson)
  • Screenplay: Demofilio Fidani (as Lucky Dickinson)
  • Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Lallo Gori
  • Song: "I Know My Love" sung by Mark Wolf
  • Producer: Demofilo Fidani, Maria Rosa Valenza


This audaciously dishonest spaghetti western from prolific director Demofilo Fidani (using the pseudonym "Lucky Dickerson") was created piecemeal using lengthy sequences from Fidani's previous films. The premise has legendary gunslinger Django (Hunt Powers) recounting some of his greatest adventures to a rapt Wild Bill Hickock (Gerardo Rossi as Jerry Ross) in a saloon. The stories which Django tells are entire scenes from such Fidani films as Arrivano Django e Sartana... E la Fine! (1970), Inginocchiati Straniero... i Cadaveri non Fanno Ombra (1971), and Quel Maledetto Giorno d'Inverno Django e Sartana... all'Ultimo Sangue (1971). Fidani regulars Gordon Mitchell, Dennis Colt and Lucky McMurray also appear.


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