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Giarrettiera Colt

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Giarrettiera Colt (Italy 1968 / Director: Gian Andrea Rocco)

  • Release Date: 19.5.1968
  • Runtime: 102 min

Also known as

Garter Colt (U.S.A.) | Das Colt-Strumpfband (supposed title but unreleased in Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Nicoletta Machiavelli (Lulu 'Garter' Colt), Claudio Camaso (Red), Marisa Solinas (Rosie), Yorgo Voyagis (Benito Juarez/Carlos), James Martin (sheriff), Gaspare Zola (Lieutenant Jean Martin), Elvira Cortese (Elvira), Franco Bucceri (doctor), Silvana Bacci (Red's masseuse), Brunello Maffei, Franco Scala (Droga soldier), Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia [as Jvan Sratuglia], Alberto Hammermann, Isabella Guidotti, Arnaldo Fabrizio [as Fabrizio Arnaldo](Lulu's 'baby'), Walter Barnes (General Droga)
  • Also with: Gaetano Scala (Guercho, bandit w/eyepatch), Brandino Machiavelli (French soldier)
  • Screenplay: Vittorio Pescatori, Gian Andrea Rocco, Giovanni Gigliozzi, Brunello Maffei
  • Cinematograpy: Gino Santini [Eastmancolor - Normal 1,85:1]
  • Music: Giovanni Fusco (as Enzo Fusco) + Gianfranco Plenizio
  • Producer: Giovanni Vari (and Nicoletta Machiavelli, uncredited)


At the border with Mexico, a brave young woman defends herself from the attack of the fearsome bandit, "Red", mastering a gun and the game of poker. Falling in love with a young Frenchman, he asks her to give up gambling and start a quiet and normal life, but fate has other ideas.


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