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* [ Review by Son of Django]
* [ Review by Son of Django]
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* [ Review at mondo esoterica]
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I giorni della violenza (Italy 1967 / Director: Alfonso Brescia [as Al Bradley])

  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Release Date: 10.8.1967

Also known as

Sein Wechselgeld ist Blei (Germany) | Os dias da ira (Portugal) | Furie au Missouri (France) | Tva Desperata Man (Sweden) | Skjut för att överleva (Sweden) | O Dia da Violência (Brazil) | I avgi tis ekdikiseos (Greece) | Days of Violence | Days of Vengeance | Dirty Pistolero

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Peter Lee Lawrence (Josh/Joe/John Lee), Rosalba Neri (Lizzy), Beba Loncar (Christine), Luigi Vannucchi (Captain Clifford), Andrea Bosic (Mr. Evans), Nello Pazzafini (Butch), Lucio Rosato (Hank), Gianni Solaro (stage passenger), Romano Puppo (Clem/Clell), Adalberto Rossetti, Bruna Beani, Claudio Trionfi, Gloria Selva, Harold Bradley (Nathan), Bruno Ukmar (sergeant)
  • Also with: Claudio Ruffini (rebel), Gilberto Galimberti (rebel), Rinaldo Zamperla (soldier), Riccardo Petrazzi (soldier), Renzo Pevarello (soldier), Arnaldo Dell'Acqua (soldier)
  • Story: Gian Guigi Buzzi
  • Screenplay: Mario Amendola, Antonio Boccacci, Gian Luigi Buzzi, Paolo Lombardo
  • Cinematography: Fausto Rossi [Technicolor, Techniscope 2.35:1]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Producer: Bruno Turchetto


During the last months of the Civil War, Joe's brother is killed unjustly by Clifford, a captain in the Northern army. Joe decides to join a group of Southerners determined to resist till the end. Joe is considered an outlaw and a reward is posted for his capture. When the war ends, Joe returns to the farm where he used to work only to find Christine, the owner's daughter and his sweetheart, engaged to the hated Captain Clifford.

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