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Giunse Ringo e... fu tempo di massacro

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Giunse Ringo e... fu tempo di massacro (Italy 1970 / Director: Mario Pinzauti [as Peter Launders])

  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Release Date: 2.8.1970

Also known as

Ringo, It's Massacre Time (U.S.A.) | Wanted Ringo (U.S.A.) | Avec Ringo arrive le temps du massacre (France) | Ringo volta para matar seus inimigos (Brazil) | Revenge of Ringo | Reward for Ringo

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mickey Hargitay (Mike Wood/Stanton), Jean Louis (Ringo Wood/Stanton), Omero Gargano (Don Juan Alonzo), Lucia Bomez (Pilar), Anna Cerreto (witch), Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia (Sheriff Stan Carroll), Armando Carini (Alvarez), Gualtiero Rispoli (Doc Sanchez), Bob Villar, Gloria Koerner, Salvatore Bugnatelli [as Telly Sullivan], Altiero Di Giovanni (sheriff), Augusto Funari (poisoned gunman)
  • Story: Mario Pinzauti
  • Screenplay: Mario Pinzauti
  • Cinematography: Vitaliano Natalucci [Eastmancolor - widescreen]
  • Music: Felice Di Stefano
  • Songs: "Reward for Ringo" + "Sad Man" sung by 5 Goldfingers
  • Producer: Umberto Borsato, Renato Minneci


Ringo comes to a Mexican village, searching for his brother from whom he has heard no news. He comes with a sheriff who immediately has work on his hands, as those who get killed are certainly too many.


Mickey Hargitay mysteriously disappears from the film about a quarter of the way through. In reality he flew home to California when he heard his son Zoltan was mauled by a tiger at Jungleland during a publicity shoot for his wife Jayne Mansfield. He was replaced by Jean Luis and the story was changed to his brother Ringo investigating the mysterious disappearance of Mike.


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