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Giustiziere di Dio, Il

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Il giustiziere di Dio (Italy 1973 / Director: Franco Lattanzi)

  • Runtime: 87 min
  • Release Date: 2.6.1973

Also known as

Le justicier de Dieu (France) | The Executioner of God (U.K.) | God's Gunman (U.S.A.) | The Judgment of God (U.S.A.)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: William Berger (Padre Tony Lang / Lant / Lanthory), Donald O'Brien [as Donal O'Brien](Frank, 'Ace of Hearts'), George Wang (Ramón Orea, 'Ace of Diamonds'), Victor Stocchi [as Victor Stock](Paul, nicknamed 'Goliath'), Nuccia Cardinali (Carol Lang/Lant), Attilio Dottesio (Tim Robson / Donny), Antonio Dimitri (Ringo), Nello Palladino (safecracker), Alessandro Perrella, Lorenzo Piani (Red, man condemned to hang?), Alberta Santilli, Nicola Mozzillo, Maurizio Mannoia (bandit recognizing Tony Lang), Raffaele Rossi, Gianni Cardillo, Giovanna Mainardi (Paul's sister)
  • Also with: Ivan Greeve (John, 'Ace of Spades'), Angelo Casadei (sheriff), Clara Hopf (Brenda, saloon girl), Clemente Ukmar (hotel barman), Bruno Arié (hotel bouncer), Franco Pasquetto (hotel brawler), Benito Pacifico (safe bandit), Luciano Conti (safe bandit)
  • Story: Franco Lattanzi
  • Screenplay: Franco Lattanzi
  • Cinematography: Franco Appetito [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Piero Piccioni
  • Producer: Giovanni Vari


A former gunman turned priest seeks vengeance on three bandits who are masquerading as law-abiding citizens.


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