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*[ Argentinian VHS @ RaroVHS]
*[ Argentinian VHS @ RaroVHS]
*[ Review 800 SW (Spain)]
*[ Review 800 SW (Spain)]
*[ Review at Fistful of Pasta]

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Hai sbagliato... dovevi uccidermi subito! (Italy, Spain 1972 / Director: Mario Bianchi [as Alan W. Cools])

  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Release Date: 9.4.1972

Also known as

Kill the Poker Player (U.S.A.) | La muerte llega arrastrándose (Spain) | Poker d'as pour ung gringo (France) | A Morte Chega a Assobiar (Portugal) | Creeping Death

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robert Woods [as Robert Wood](Ace/Django Ginsburg / Alan Fields / Jonathan Pinkerton), Frank Braña (Sheriff Lewis Burton), Ivano Staccioli (Clinton), Nieves Navarro [as Susan Scott](Lilly / Kate), Ernesto Colli (Doctor Torres / Norton), Carlo Gaddi (Karl), Saturno Cerra (robber accomplice), Rafael Albaicín (Indio, outlaw), Omero Capanna (Fred, Clinton foreman), Ernesto Vañes, Tino Braña, Enrico Canestrini, Francesco D'Adda (piano player), Vittorio Fanfoni, Irio Fantini, Miguel Guzman, Jose Luis Lizalde, Maria Dolores Tovar, Filippo Marcelli, Ottorino Polentini, Elio Angelucci (townsman, funeral)
  • Story: Mario Bianchi
  • Screenplay: Mario Bianchi, Paolo Bianchi, Luis G. de Blain
  • Cinematography: Rafael Pacheco [Eastmancolor, Panoramico]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Producer: Silvio Battistini


Ginsburg, undercover as Jonathan Pinkerton, an employee of Lloyds of London, is investigating a bank robbery where one of the three thieves had killed the other two to take possession of all the money. The sheriff, the saloon owner, a local rancher, and a very strange doctor top his list of suspects.


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