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Welcome to our Help Desk. We are doing our best to make your experience on our website as great as possible. What are you looking for? Find some general categories to your right. Please don't shy away from contacting us, if you can't find the information you're looking for. This help section should cover everything you need to know about using this website, and if you intend to be an editor yourself, everything about wiki editing. Never been active in a Wiki before? No problem at all. Let's see how we can help you, gunslinger ;-)

A few facts about this website...

  • We do not want to copy the Internet Movie Database. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide and database on Spaghetti Western
  • We are international, that means titles of films in other language or different versions of DVDs are very important to us
  • Clear information is the key. Our goal is to inform people by providing accurate information on all Spaghetti Westerns in an easy-to-use environment
  • Everyone should be able to find any film, in a quick and easy fashion
  • Our community seeks to bring Spaghetti Western fans from all over the world together

Did you know...

that you can

  • click "discussion" on ANY page you like to comment on it, ask questions or provide information? This is a good way to provide information you're unsure of editing into the article yourself. You need to be registered for this
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