Hombre que mató a Billy el Niño, El

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El hombre que mató a Billy el Niño (Spain · Italy 1967 / Director: Julio Buchs)

Also known as

... E divenne il piu' spietato bandito del Sud (Italy) | L'uomo che uccise El Niño (Italy) | The Man Who Killed Billy the Kid (UK) | I'll Kill Him and Return Alone (USA) | A Few Bullets More (USA) | Sein Steckbrief ist kein Heiligenbild (Germany) | O homem que matou Billy the Kid (Portugal) | L'homme qui a tue Billy le Kid (France) | Mannen som sköt ˜Billy the Kid' (Sweden) | Minä ammuin Billy the Kidin (Finland) | Billy, o megalos paranomos (Greece) | つむじ風のキッド Tsumujikaze no Kid (Japan) | Човекът, който уби Били Хлапето (Bulgaria)
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This spaghetti western presents a fictitious version of the often filmed legend of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Billy becomes innocently an outlaw while protecting his mother, but then turns into a trigger happy killer. When he falls in love he tries, with the help of Pat Garrett, a fatherly friend, to change back. However, circumstances force Billy to become violent again and it is Garrett who is credited with the killing.


  • Cast: Peter Lee Lawrence (William "Billy the Kid" Bonney), Fausto Tozzi (Pat Garrett), Dyanik Zurakowska (Helen Tunstill), Gloria Milland (Mrs. Kathleen Bonney), Carlos Casaravilla (Jackson Murphy), Antonio Pica (Mark Travis), Enrique Avila (Hank, Fort Summer saloonkeeper), Orlando Baralla (governor of New Mexico), Francisco Sanz [as Paco Sanz](peddler), Luis Rivera (Ramirez, Tunstill cowboy, outlaw), Barta Barry (rancher, Turnstill neighbor), Alfonso Rojas (Paul Powers, Tunstill foreman), Luis Induni (Maurice, Travis henchman), Milo Quesada (Raul Alonso, rustler leader), Miguel Palenzuela (Peter "Mac" MacGregor), Antonio Molino Rojo (Tom MacGregor), Manuel Alexandre (gravedigger), Miguel de la Riva (Cavalry Lieutenant), Tomás Blanco (Peter, Helen's uncle), Margot Cottens (Helen's aunt), Carmen Porcel (Mrs. Patterson), Alfredo Santacruz [as Alfredo Santa Cruz](Mexican colonel), Gonzalo Esquiroz (Travis henchman), Jose Canalejas (Jake, Travis henchman), Alfonso de la Vega (Travis henchman), Santiago Rivero (Silver City saloonkeeper), Adriano Dominguez, Erasmo Pascual, María Isbert, Luis Prendes (John Tunstill)
  • Also with: José Riesgo (store customer), Emilio Rodriguez (store customer), Frank Braña (Murphy henchman), Alvaro de Luna (Murphy henchman), Fernando Bilbao (Murphy henchman), Antonio Cintado (John, Murphy henchman), Luis Barboo (MacGregor henchman), Tito Garcia (Francisco), Simón Arriaga (Pablo, cattle rustler), Antonio Orengo (Mexican landowner), Ángel Menéndez (Mexican landowner), José Orjas (housebuyer), Juan Cortés (Lincoln sheriff), Joaquín Solís (governor guard), Juan Cazalilla (Silver City saloonkeeper), José Luis Lizalde (Lincoln hotel clerk), Vicente Roca (Lincoln rancher), Rufino Inglés (Lincoln rancher), Ricardo Lillo (Lincoln rancher)
  • Story: Julio Buchs, José Mallorqui, Federico de Urrutia
  • Screenplay: Federico de Urrutia, Julio Buchs, Carlo Veo
  • Cinematography: Miguel Fernández Mila, (Domenico Scala) [Eastmancolor - Totalvision 2,35:1]
  • Music: Gianni Ferrio
  • Producer: Silvio Battistini, Ricardo Sanz


Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 101 min (85 min)

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 9.3.1967

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