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The easiest way to create a new page in the SWDb is to do a search for EXACTLY the page title that you want to create. Ideally, a page of that title doesn't exist yet, and the search result page offers a small link for you to create that page:


You can create this page now by clicking that link. Clicking will bring you to an empty page. Write your content, format as you like, save, and you're done.


Please note that you can preview what you're building before you submit. Also note that EVERYTHING can be undone, so don't be afraid of making small mistakes, it can all be corrected or removed.


Pro Tip

Another possibility (for advanced editors) is to directly enter the title into the address bar of your web browser. This has the advantage of skipping the search part, but it is tricky when you are dealing with longer titles and special characters. For example you have, if you want to create a page, for example with the title "Test Page", you can change your address bar to ....index.php/Test_Page, hit enter and then you're brought to the empty page, unless of course a page of that name exists already.

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