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Il Piú Grande Massacro in Fort Legoredo

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Il Piú Grande Massacro en Fort Legoredo (Sweden, Italy 2009 / Director: Carl Mörth (as Carlo Pesce))


  • Runtime: 9 min
  • Release Date: 5.6.2009

Also known as

Lego Indians and Cowboys II | The Grand Massacre at Fort Legoredo | Den Stora Massakern på Fort Legoredo (Sweden)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Henrik Mörth (Freccia Nera/Black Arrow), Carl Mörth (Zeke), Henrik Mörth (Bill), Carl Mörth (Colonal), Carl Mörth (Kotik), Malin Mörth (Union Solider), Carl Mörth (Union Solider), Carl Mörth (Farmer)
  • Story: Carl Mörth, Malin Mörth
  • Screenplay: Carl Mörth
  • Cinematography: Carl Mörth, Malin Mörth
  • Music: re-uses cues from Spaghetti western scores by Coriolano (Lallo) Gori
  • Producer: Carl Mörth, Henrik Mörth, Malin Mörth


Bounty Hunter Black Arrow (Henrik Mörth) rides in to an area terrorized by bandits and meets Zeke (Carl Mörth). Black Arrow gets hired by a Colonal (Carl Mörth) and teams up with Zeke to kill the bandits.

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