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Inginocchiati straniero... I cadaveri non fanno ombra! (Italy 1970 / Director: Demofilo Fidani)

I cadaveri non fanno ombra database page.jpg
  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Release Date: 27.11.1970

Also known as

The Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse (U.S.A.) | Tote werfen keine Schatten (Germany) | Dead Men Don't Make Shadows | On Your Knees, Stranger... Corpses Cast No Shadows | A genoux, etranger, les cadaver n'ont pas d'ombre (France) | Sartana le redoubtable (France) | Ta ptomata skepasan ton ilio (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Betts (as Hunt Powers)(Lazar Peacock/Sabata), Franco Borelli (as Chet Davis)(Blonde), Gordon Mitchell (Roger Murdock), Benito Pacifico (as Dennis Colt)(Medina), Simonetta Vitelli (as Simone Blondel)(Maya), Ettore Manni (Barrett/Billy Ring), Amerigo Castrighella (as Custer Gail)(Medina henchman), Maria Rosa Valenza (as Mary Ross)(Jole), Pietro Fumelli (Ted Stanley), Attilio Dottesio (as Dean Reese)(Sanchez), Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi) (as Arizona Massachusset), Manlio Salvatori (1st sheriff), Eugenio Galadini (old man), Mario Capuccio, Giglio Gigli
  • Story: Francesco Mannochi
  • Screenplay: Francesco Mannocchi, Demofilio Fidani, Maria Rosa Valenza (as R.M. Valenza), Ambrogio Molteni (as P. Molteni)
  • Cinematography: Joe D'Amato (Aristide Massaccesi) [Telecolor]
  • Music: Lallo Gori
  • Producer: Demofilio Fidani (as Miles Deem)


This peculiar spaghetti western from prolific director Demofilo Fidani (using the pseudonym "Miles Deem") deals with a man named Blonde (Chet Davis) tracking bounty hunter Lazar (Hunt Powers) to the mining town of Lamazos. The evil town boss, Barret (Gordon Mitchell), wants Lazar dead, so he sends a group of assassins to murder him. Lazar survives, and Barret ends up offering him $100,000 to leave town. Lazar accepts the money and travels on to a remote shack, where he tortures an old man (Ettore Manni), making him a slave. What Lazar doesn't know is that the old man is Blonde's father, and he pays for his mistake with his life, leaving the man and his gunslinging son rich after the obligatory showdown. Fidani's film is unusual in its almost hallucinatory lack of logic, creating a surreal effect aided by the cinematography of Aristide Massaccesi, who would go on to some notoriety as cult director "Joe D'Amato."

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