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Johnny Yuma

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Johnny Yuma (Italy 1966 / Director: Romolo Girolami [as Romolo Guerrieri])

  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Release Date: 11.8.1966

Also known as

Gun of courage (Thailand) | Johnny Yuma - O Vingador (Brazil) | 10.000 dollar för Johnny Yuma (Sweden) | 皆殺し無頼 Minagorosi burai (Japan ) | Yuma, tha pethanis (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mark Damon (Johnny Yuma), Lawrence Dobkin (Lawrence/Linus Jerome Carradine), Rosalba Neri (Samantha Felton), Luigi Vannucchi [as Louis Vanner](Pedro), Fidel Gonzalez (Zorito), Leslie Daniel (Thomas Felton), Gustavo D'Arpe [as Gus Harper](Harvey Pitt), Gianni Solaro [as Johnny Solaro](Hans Vander Oder), Ferdinando Poggi [as Ned Poger](Hacker / Sugar), Dada Gallotti [as Dada Gayford](Susan), Franco Lantieri [as Frank Liston](Luis 'Sancho' Fernandez), Mirella Pamphili [as Mirella Dugan](saloon girl), Luciano Bonanni (Charlie, stage line manager), Fortunato Arena (Mudd, poker player), Saturno Cerra (Hawkeye, bandit), Umberto Salomone (saloon visitor), Rocco Lerro (Pedro henchman), Alberigo Donadeo (Pedro henchman), Joaquín Parra (Pedro henchman), Alfonso Giganti (Henry, barman), María José Collado (Felton maid), Franco Ukmar (brawler), Piero Morgia (brawler)
  • Story: Sauro Scavolini [as Michael Skory]
  • Screenplay: Fernando Di Leo [as Fred Munch], Romolo Guerrieri, Sauro Scavolini [as Michael Skory], Giovanni Simonelli
  • Cinematography: Mario Capriotti [Eastmancolor - Deltavision 70 2,35:1]
  • Music: Nora Orlandi
  • Songs: "Johnny Yuma" + "That Silent Man" sung by The Wilder Brothers
  • Producer: Italo Zingarelli


Money hungry Samantha Felton connives with her brother Pedro to murder her husband in order to get her hands on his ranching empire only to discover that he has left everything to his nephew, Johnny. She decides to hire her ex lover, and ruthless bounty killer, Carradine to get rid of the unwanted heir. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives in town, discovers the plan against him, forms a mutual respect for Carradine and sets out to find the hidden will which would scupper Mrs. Felton's evil plans.


Well made SW with some minor flaws. Damon is maybe a bit unlikeable for many in the lead, but this is compensated by the well acted roles of Dobkin and Neri. The simplicity of some of Johnny Yuma's parts is balanced by several intelligent story variations and the verve of Guerrieri's stylish directing.

by Stanton


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