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This is the complete catalog of titles released by Koch Media in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Click the titles or the "details" link for more info.

For Koch Media's releases in Italy see the Koch Media Italia catalogo.

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Koch Media has re-released some titles through Cine Plus.
The films from the SW-Rainbow-Collection are on a separate page.

Recent & Upcoming Titles

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2007 and older

Totengraeber.jpg Wechselgeld.jpg Sentenzamorte.jpg Blindman.jpg Staubdersonne.jpg

KM Django IchWillIhnTot.jpg KM MoerderDesKlans.jpg Pardeasesinos.jpg KM KeinenCentFuerRingosKopf.jpg

Box Sets

Hallelujabox.jpg Sollimabox.jpg Garkobox.jpg FuerEineHandvollItalowesternbox1.jpg Koch Teutonen WesternBox.jpg


Letzte Mohikaner koch cover2.jpg
  • Legacy of the Incas
  • Released May 2008
  • Video: 2.35:1 aspect ratio, anamorphic, PAL
  • 96 minute running time
  • Audio: German Audio only. Koch's website is in error regarding other audio options
  • Extras include amateur movie footage shot at the time by the producers
  • Jetzt kaufen: Bei
DasVermaechtnisDerInka KOCHDVD 2009.jpg
  • Legacy of the Incas
  • 2-Disc Collectors Edition (Re-Release October 2009)
  • Video: 2.35:1 aspect ratio, anamorphic, PAL
  • 95 minute running time
  • Audio: German, English (DD 2.0)
  • Subtitles: German
  • Extras: Introduction, German Trailer, German TV-Intro, Impressions, Booklet
  • Jetzt kaufen: Bei