Korkusuz Kaptan Swing

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Korkusuz Kaptan Swing (Turkey 1971 / Director: Tunç Basaran)

Also known as

Il comandante Mark | The Courageous Captain Swing

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Salih Güney (Kaptan Swing), Gulgun Erdem (as Gülgün Erdem)(Betty), Süleyman Turan (Gamli Baykus/Sad Owl), Ali Sen (Mister Bluff), Reha Yurdakul, Haydar Karaer, Kudret Karadag, Cemâl Konca
  • Story: "Il Comandante Mark" by Pietro Sartoris, Dario Guzzon
  • Screenplay: Vural Pakel
  • Cinematography: Rafet Siriner
  • Music: various
  • Producer: Ozdemir Birsel


Turkish film adaptation of the cult Italian 1966 fumetti comic, IL COMANDANTE MARK. Being 100% faithful to the comic, Captain Swing's stooges buddies Mister Blof and Sad Owl are here, along with Betty, the British enemies "Red Coats" and that skinny dog of course! (From Onar Films)


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