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* [[Hasta la última gota de sangre/DVD|Available DVDs]]
* [[Hasta la última gota de sangre/DVD|Available DVDs]]
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* [[Hasta la última gota de sangre/OST|Soundtrack]]
* [[Hasta la última gota de sangre/OST|Soundtrack]]
* [[Wrath of God Review|Film Review]]
* [[Wrath of God Review|Film Review]]

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L'ira di Dio (Italy, Spain 1968 / Director: Alberto Cardone (as Albert Cardiff))

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 24.8.1968

Also known as

Hasta la última gota de sangre (Spain) | Ein Silberdollar für den Toten (Germany) | Lonesome - Der Zorn Gottes (Germany) | Der Einsame (Germany) | Les 7 Enrages Du Texas (France) | Wrath Of God (U.S.A.) | Simademenos apo ton Theo (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Brett Halsey (as Montgomery Ford)(Mike Barnett), Dana Ghia (Saloon Girl), Howard Ross (Jesse), Fernando Sancho (Burd), Wayde Preston (Logan), Franco Fantasia (Mark), Ángel Del Pozo (David), Paolo Todisco (Bob), Carlo Pisacane (Sam), Adalberto Rossetti (Dan), Antonio Padilla, Franco Gulà, Claudio Trionfi
  • Story: Alberto Cardone, Italo Gasperini
  • Screenplay: Alberto Cardone, Jose Luis Martinez Molla, Ugo Guerra, Italo Gasperini
  • Cinematography: Mario Pacheco (Eastmancolor, Panoramico 1,66:1)
  • Music: Michele Lacerenza
  • Producer: Ugo Guerra, Elio Scardamaglia


Mike (Brett Halsey) returns home in order to leave his gunfighting days behind him and settle down on a farm with his old sweetheart but things do not go as planned. Finding Jane murdered, Mike is set upon and left for dead by her 7 killers who also steal his life savings of $10,000; all in $50 dollar bills. They leave only seven dollars and Mike vows to track down every man, paying him back with a solitary dollar and death.


Average episodic revenge western in which the screenplay and the directing complement one another for the lack of ideas. The episodes in the jail and the desert are the best, while in the final episode the film hits rock bottom with the story's resolution.

by Stanton

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