Ley del Colt, La

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La colt è la mia legge (Spain, Italy 1965 / Director: Alfonso Brescia (as Al Bradley))

  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Release Date: 20.8.1965

Also known as

La colt è la mia legge (Italy) | The Colt Is My Law (U.K.) | My Gun is the Law (U.S.A.) | The Gun Is My Law (Norway) | Stirb aufrecht, Gringo! | Stirb aufrecht, Schurke | Der Colt ist Mein (Germany) | Le colt c'est ma loi (France) | Silahim Kanunumdur (Turkey) | O Ringo tha htypisi apopse (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Ángel del Pozo [as Anthony Clark](George Benson), Luciana Gilli [as Lucy Gilly](Lupe/Louise/Lisa O'Brien), Miguel de la Riva [as Michael Rivers/Martin](Peter Webb/Clinton), Franco Cobianchi D'Este [as Franco d'Este / Peter White](Henry O'Brien), José Riesgo (Davidson, railroad man), Aldo Cecconi [as Jim Clay](Sheriff Jack), Germano Longo [as Grant Laramy](Mark, O'Brien lieutenant), Rafael Alcántara, Enrico Glori [as Henry Golt], Livio Lorenzon (O'Brien henchman), Milo Quesada (Dave, O'Brien henchman), Nino Nini, Stella Finney, Lucio De Santis [as Charles Johnson](Pedro, stage bandit), Renato Chiantoni (Sam, barman), Manuel Guitián (Clemens, fireworks expert), Dan Silver
  • Story: Alfonso Brescia [as Al Bradley], Franco Cobianchi [as Franco D'Este], Ramón Comas Turner, Adriano Micantoni, Mario Musy
  • Screenplay: Franco Cobianchi [as Franco D'Este], Mario Musy, Ramón Comas Turner, Alfonso Brescia
  • Cinematography: Eloy Mella [Eastmancolor, Panoramica]
  • Music: Carlos Castellanos Gómez
  • Producer: John Stolf


Two undercover federal agents try to find out who is behind railroad robberies in the town of San Felipe. One works for a suspected rancher and the other gains the confidence of his daughter through romance.


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