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Lo chiamavano requiescat Fasthand

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Mi chiamavano Requiescat... ma avevano sbagliato (Italy, Spain 1973 / Director: Mario Bianchi [as Frank Bronston])

  • Runtime: 93 min (Germany)
  • Release Date: 8.3.1973

Also known as

Fast Hand Is Still My Name (U.S.A.) | Fasthand (U.S.A.) | Mano rápida (Spain) | Mi chiamavano 'Requiescat'... ma avevano sbagliato (Italy) | Sing mir das Lied der Rache (Germany) | Requiem pour un tueur (France) | Le rescapé de la vallée de la mort (France) | Mulligan - Fast Hand is Still My Name (Denmark) | T'onoma mou einai Keravnos (Greece) | Requiem voor een doder (Belgium)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Sergio Ciani [as Alan Steel](Captain Jeff Madison/Mulligan), William Berger (Machedo), Gilberto Galimberti [as Gil Roland](Raul, Machedo bandit), Celine Bessy (Swana), Frank Braña [as Frank Brana](Quincy / Quintano), Francisco Sanz [as Paco Sanz](Joe Smart), Fernando Bilbao (Diego, Machedo bandit), Welma Truccolo [as Karin Well](Mary Ann Cruz), Ettore Ribotta, Sergio Dolfin, Stefano Oppedisano, Francesco D'Adda (Pracownik, bank teller), Aldo Cecconi (sheriff), Angelo Boscariol (Madison sergeant), Filippo Perego (Union Major), Rodolfo Lodi, Aldo Sisti, Duilio Olmi
  • Also with: Lorenzo Robledo (Jack), Alfonso Gigante (saloon customer), Franco Pasquetto (Machedo bandit), Giuseppe Cardone (bartender), Omero Capanna (Machedo bandit), Artemio Antonini (Machedo bandit), Virgilio Ponti (Machedo bandit)
  • Story: Eduardo M. Brochero
  • Screenplay: Vittorio Salerno, Alberto Cardone, Eduardo M. Brochero
  • Cinematography: Emilio Foriscot (Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1)
  • Music: Gianni Ferrio
  • Song: "That Man" sung by Ann Collin
  • Producer: John Wyler


With the civil war just ended, Captain Jeff Madison falls into the hands of an outlaw, Machedo, head of an ex-Confederate gang. To avenge some of his friends, that the Captain had ordered hung, Machedo shoots the Captain's hand and leaves him tied to a tree. When Madison is saved by an Indian woman, Swan, he can then stalk Machedo and his outlaw gang, eventually setting a trap to carry out his vengeance.

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