Lo voglio morto

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Lo voglio morto (Italy · Spain 1968 / Director: Paolo Bianchini)

Also known as

I Want Him Dead (U.S.A.) | Lo quiero muerto (Spain) | Django - Ich will ihn tot (Germany) | Clayton l'implacable (France) | Elävänä tai kuolleena (Finland) | Ton thelo pethameno (Greece) | Os Ambiciosos Também Morrem (Portugal) | Eu Quero Ele Morto (Brazil) | Procurado Vivo ou Morto (Brazil) | Meu Sangue Chama Vingança (Brazil) | 西部の無頼人 Seibu no burainin (Japan, DVD title)
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During the American Civil War, two gunmen on Mallek's payroll rape and kill Clayton's sister, Mercedes. Clayton's search for vengeance converges with plans to prolong the war by assassinating two generals who are meeting to discuss peace terms. Jack Blood is the man set to carry out these plans and Clayton's pursuit of him leads him into deeper and more difficult waters.


  • Cast (Italian): Craig Hill (Clayton), Lea Massari (Aloma), José Manuel Martín (Jack Blood), Andrea Bosic (Mallek), Licia Calderón (Marisol / Maria / Marisa), Andrea Scotti (Harry Gunn), José Canalejas [as José Canaleyas] (Blood henchman), Federico Boido [as Rich Boyd] (Steve), Francisco Braña (Berger), Francisco Nieto (Alan, Blood bandit), Remo De Angelis (sheriff), José Riesgo (Mac), Renato Chiantoni (Newton), Christina Businari (Mercedes)
  • Uncredited actors: Rafael Albaicín (bartender), José Terrón (sheriff's brother), Luis Rodriguez (Frank Ross), José Luis Chinchilla (Mallek guard), Giuseppe Morrocu (Union Major), Calogero Azzaretto (Malik houseman)
  • Story: Carlos Arabia
  • Screenplay: Carlos Sarabia
  • Cinematography: Ricardo Andreu [Eastmancolor - widescreen]
  • Music: Nico Fidenco
  • Song: "Clayton" sung by Lida Lu
  • Producer: Luccio Bompani


Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 86 min

Release Dates

  • June 15, 1968 (Italy)

Filming locations

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