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[[Category:Rafael Romero Marchent]][[Category:Carlos Agulló]][[Category:E. Guerin]][[Category:Carlos Villa]]
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[[Category:María Silva]][[Category:Fernando Sancho]][[Category:Roberto Camardiel]][[Category:Frank Brana]][[Category:Luis Gaspar]][[Category:José Riesgo]][[Category:Fernando Sánchez Polack]][[Category:Barta Barri]]

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El Lobo Negro (Spain 1981 / Director: Rafael Romero Marchent)

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 20.2.1981

Also known as

The Black Wolf

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Fernando Allende (Carlos Aceves / "El Lobo Negro"), Carlos Ballesteros (Colonel Sullivan), María Silva (Marquesa), Lola Forner (Isabel Aceves), Esperanza Roy (Carmen), Fernando Sancho (Corporal Donovan), José María Caffarel (Don Diego Aceves), Alfonso del Real (Marques), Roberto Camardiel (judge), Alejandro de Enciso (Lieutenant Wallace), Tomás Zori (Pedro), José Luis Pacheco [as Dum Dum Pachecho](Private Spencer), Francisco Jones Ivina [as Francisco Jones], Luis Gaspar (Ernesto), Paul Benson (The Halfbreed, spy), Francisco Camoiras (José), José Luis Lespe, Frank Braña [as Francisco Braña](Teodoro Garcia), Julián Ugarte (Ramirez), Fernando Sánchez Polack, José Riesgo [as Pepe Riesgo](Tomas, arrested landowner), Bernabe Barta Barri [as Barta Barry](Geronimo Cepeda), José Yepes, Luis Lorenzo, Arturo Alegro, Alberto Sola, Ramon Gonzalez Reparaz, Carmen Roldan (Rosa)
  • Story: Rafael Romero Marchent, Joaquín Romero Hernández
  • Screenplay: Rafael Romero Marchent, Joaquín Romero Hernández
  • Cinematography: Jorge Herrero [color]
  • Music: Carlos Agulló, E. Guerin + Carlos Villa
  • Producer: Luis Méndez


A young man, having been trained in the fine arts of self-defense in Spain, arrives in America to find his family and their fellow landowners persecuted by the authorities, so decides to take up their cause as a masked swordsman.

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