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I lunghi giorni della vendetta (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Florestano Vancini (as Stan Vance))

  • Runtime: 122 min
  • Release Date: 23.2.67
  • Filming Locations: Almería

Also known as

The Long Days of Vengeance (U.S.A.) | Long Days of Revenge (U.S.A.) | Der Lange Tag der Rache (Germany) | Angel Face - Der lange tag der Rache (Germany) | 1000 Kugeln für ein Halleluja (Germany) | Faccia d'angelo (Italy) | Os longos dias da vingança (Portugal) | Los largos dias de la venganza (Spain) | Les longs jours de la vengeance (France) | Vendetta (Sweden) | Dias de Vingança (Brazil) | Skyd – så lever du (Denmark) | Vendetta (Finland) | Ateleiotes imeres tis ekdikiseos (Greece) | Dugi dani osvete (Yugoslavia) | The Deadliest Gunfight | Days of Vengeance

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giuliano Gemma (Ted Barnett), Francisco Rabal (Sheriff Joe Douglas), Gabriella Giorgelli (Wildwood Dulcy), Conrado San Martín (Mr. Cobb), Franco Cobianchi d'Este (as Franco Cobianchi)(General Porfirio), Nieves Navarro (Dolly), Manuel Muñiz (as Pajarito)(Doctor Pajarito), Teodoro Corrà (as Doro Corrà)(Morgan, Cobb henchman), Carlos Otero (Gomez, barber), Milo Quesada (new sheriff), Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia (as Ivan Scratuglia)(labor camp corporal), Pedro Basauri 'Pedrucho' (Mike), Omán de Bengala, Carlos Hurtado, Jesús Puche, Juan Antonio Rubio, Bill Farbert, Moises Rocha (saloon brawler), Oman de Bengala
  • Story: Mahnahen Velasco
  • Screenplay: Augusto Caminito, Fernando Di Leo
  • Cinematography: Francisco Marí­n [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Armando Trovaioli
  • Producers: Luciano Ercoli, Alberto Pugliese


Ted Barnett escapes prison to prove his innocence and to seek the identity of those who are responsible for the death of his father.


Based on the long version (118 mins PAL)

An interesting revenge story. Gemma plays a man wrongly accused of the murder of his father. He escapes from prison and begins to exact revenge on the real perpetrators. The central section of the film is perhaps overly long and elaborate, with the shady dealings of the villains being a little confusing. However, the supporting characters are interesting, with a variety of conflicting motivations for their actions, and many individual sequences (especially the action) are imaginatively done. The English dub sounds quite wooden. Overall it is one of the better spaghetti westerns, although not without some flaws in places.

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