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We wish all spaghetti western enthusiasts around the world a healthy and successful start into the new year!

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Sir Christopher Frayling's new book "Once Upon A Time In The West: Shooting a Masterpiece" chronicles the making of the - arguably - greatest western movie ever made. The book boasts a brand new foreword by director Quentin Tarantino. Sergio Leone's film Once Upon a Time in the West set out to be the ultimate Western a celebration of the power of classic Hollywood cinema, a meditation on the making of America, and a lament for the decline of one of the most cherished film genres in the form of a 'dance of death'. With this film, Leone said a fond farewell to the noisy and flamboyant world of the Italian Western, which he had created with A Fistful of Dollars and sequels (1964-6), and aimed for something much more ambitious an exploration of the relationship between myth ('Once Upon a Time...'), history (' the West') and his own autobiography as an avid film-goer.... Learn more